Inter exam cheating, Teachers manhandled

College principal, teacher beaten for refusing to allow cheating
Karachi, May 10: Yet more education officials were subjected to fists of fury as a principal and a teacher were beaten after refusing to allow students to cheat in the Urdu paper for Pre-Medical.

A student present in the classroom at the time said that there were two invigilators for the exam classroom and while one of them tolerated the cheating, the other was having none of it. Subsequently, a group, who the witness claimed belonged to the Pakhtoon Students Federation (PSF), started threatening the teacher and chanting political slogans. "The Rangers intervened and the rest of the paper was completed in a peaceful environment," he said.

But when the paper ended, the students who were stopped from cheating caught hold of the invigilator and beat him up. "The Rangers and police were unable to control the situation as they had stepped out for lunch," revealed Imran K Chishti, the controller of Inter Board Examination Karachi.

Meanwhile, another student mob entered the college and not only vandalised property, but also beat up the principal. Enraged and terrified at the same time, the teachers refused to hold the afternoon paper as they felt their lives were in danger.

"I reached the centre and tried to convince them to hold the exam," the controller said. However, when the teachers refused, he went to address the students that had collected at the gate as they were refused entry.

"I suggested that the exam be held on another day as the teachers were not ready to invigilate, however, the students refused and demanded that the paper be held on the same day." The controller said that arrangements were then made to hold the exams at the Inter Board Office. However, since the arrangements took a long time, "mob mentality" took over the students and they started pelting stones at the college. The result of this was the postponement of the Commercial Geography exam for second year students at the centre.

Meanwhile, PSF President Painda Khan denied the involvement of his political party. "The student in question, Junaid, was expelled from the party for criminal charges last year." He claimed the other students who protected him and chanted political slogans were trying to "defame the party".

SPLA ends boycott

On the assurance of the city's commissioner that the its grievances would be addressed, the Sindh Professors and Lectures Association (SPLA) ended its boycott of the annual examinations of the Higher Secondary School Certificate from May 10 onwards.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah talked to SPLA representatives, and assured them of his administration's full support for them in the matter, said his spokesperson.

Shah took notice of the issue and directed the police to register an FIR against the suspects and take stern action. Police also arrested some students allegedly involved in the manhandling of the principal and a professor of a college, added the spokesman. The news

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Job fair at University of Karachi
Karachi: Mass Communication Department of the University of Karachi is going to organise a job fair on Thursday (today) at its premises. Job Fair 2012 is going to be a dynamic and professional event in which various media organisations will offer job opportunities and guidelines related to professional requirements. The aim of this fair is to bring students and organisations to a platform where they can communicate amongst each other besides providing the students with a chance to show their competence and skills. The event will start at 10:00am. Daily times

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Two private schools clarify national anthem reports
Karachi: Two private schools have clarified that they have not given up singing the national anthem in their morning assemblies, saying that this important tradition is being followed at these institutions every day.

The Bay View High School and the Rhodene Academy in separate statements challenged reports published in its May 3 and May 5 issues, which highlighted that several elite schools have stopped following the tradition of the singing of the national anthem or follow it only once a week.

The initial report stirred debate in the Sindh Assembly and prompted Senior Education Minister Pir Mazhar-ul Haq to order an inquiry. Key political parties and educationists also slammed the managements of these private schools and asked them to restore the tradition.

But in a statement, the board, management and teachers of Bay View High School clarified the national anthem remained "an important school tradition and it is sung every single day throughout the entire school and regularly at the college."

"We never barred the national anthem and we did not say 'it is a waste of time and energy'," the statement said. The News report quoted Bay View High School's Vice Principal Nadeem Islam, who had said that the national anthem was being sung there only once a week on Monday.

However, the statement said that the Bay View High School inculcates "national pride and good citizenship in many ways and have carefully planned this objective school-wide throughout our curriculum."

"As well as singing the National Anthem with pride, we encourage our students to put strong moral values such as honesty, decency and compassion for others above selfish motivations." "We at Bay View High are very conscious of our responsibility of building the character of our students in a manner that reflects the firm belief that national pride and good citizenship are crucially important values in an individual. This is a critical focus of our educational programme throughout the entire school and a part of our school mission encouraging students to be responsible members of society."

The statement, however, said that it agreed with the "esteemed educationists" quoted in The News, including Chairman Board of Education and Director Institute of Education, who underlined the importance of the singing of the national anthem at schools. The statement reiterated that at Bay View High School students sing the national anthem which remains an important tradition.

The principal of Rhodene Academy also denied the report that the tradition of the national anthem had been abandoned, saying it was contrary to the facts. A couple of teachers of the Academy said on the condition of anonymity that the management did not follow this tradition.

But the principal said that the management of this school was never contacted for its version. "A simple telephone call to the school would have been sufficient for us to confirm that we, as a school, are proud to uphold the recitation of the National Anthem every morning at the beginning of assembly," the principal said. "We have received emails from angry Pakistanis around the world and it is clear to us that substantial damage has been caused to our good reputation."

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Sindh considering forming its own HEC
Karachi: Senior Minister Sindh for Education and Literacy Pir Mazharul Haq has said the education department is considering establishing a Higher Education Commission of Sindh and a Bureau of Curriculum to improve the quality of education and improve the monitoring system in the province.

The commission would examine different sectors of education and also conduct audits to ensure transparency, he said, while addressing a press briefing at his camp office on Tuesday. The Standardized Achievement Test would be conducted to evaluate the capabilities of students, Haq said, adding that the tests would be conducted by the IBA Sukkur of students who passed Class V.

He congratulated all stakeholders on the passing of the Sindh Teachers Education Development Authority (STEDA) Bill 2012 in the Sindh Assembly, and said it would help in improving teaching standards in the province. He added that all stakeholders were taken on board in this regard. "It was a difficult task; however, we did it."

In view of the floods and rains in July, August and September in the last two years, a summary had been moved to the chief minister for the summer vacations in July and August, he added.

The minister education directed all officials of the education department to work honestly and diligently to improve the quality of education. Two wings had been made in schools and new posts sanctioned to manage the workload, he said.He said that it was the basic right of every child from age five to 16 to acquire education and no one should deprive them of their fundamental right.

There are 3.2 million students in primary schools, 900,000 in middle schools and more than 300,000 in higher secondary schools and the Sindh education department is trying its best to reduce the dropout rate of children from these schools.

Sindh Minister for Education Pir Mazhar-ul-haq said this while talking to Tanzanian Education Minister Dr Shokum J Kawambna in his office on Wednesday. Both ministers discussed bilateral relations and education systems, amongst other issues.

"We are recruiting more than 19,000 teachers in a bid to overcome a shortage of teachers in different schools," he stated.Haq also stressed that efforts and reforms were underway in the education sector for the upgradation of schools and the provision of quality education in the province.

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SU faculty urged to make students capable of serving society
Hyderabad: Acting Vice-Chancellor (VC), University of Sindh (SU), Prof Dr Perveen Shah urged the Deans and heads of the teaching institutes of the SU to fulfil their role and responsibilities with the changing time for educating and training of youth so that they become model citizens, capable for serving the society.

Shah was addressing a joint session of Deans and heads of the departments of the faculties of arts and education. She had held with them to know their problems and to take decisions to solve them.

The meeting was attended by Dean Dr Noor Afroze Khwaja and Dean Faculty of Education Dr Perveen Munshi, all concerned officers, including Registrar Prof Ghaffar Shah, Director Finance Mushtaq Ahmad Memon, Controllers of Examinations Muhammad Nawaz Narejo, Muhammad Ali Pathan and others.

Earlier, the VC had held a meeting with the faculties of natural sciences and social sciences.On the occasion, Dr Shah highlighted steps she had taken for maintaining law and order and improvement in the academic environment. She said the purpose of the meetings with the faculties was to take decisions in the light of the needs so that the departments can work in problem-free environment.She said: "There is dire need that we must work in collective manner to improve the quality of education and maintain law and order at the Campus." The news

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