BIEK controller exams resigns

Karachi, May 28(The Nation)- The controller of examination, Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK), on Saturday tendered his resignation from his services, while the annual examinations at intermediate level has already been decided to be held from 29th.

It was learned that the controller of examination Dr Syed Abdul Aziz, who recently took the charge, tendered his resignation from his official services due to some 'unnecessary interventions' by the BIEK chairman and other higher officials of the board.

The higher official of the board, said that four controllers of examination and three secretaries of the board had been changed during four years under the chairmanship of Iftikhar Zaidi.

During last four years Amjad Ali, Asif Pasha, Khalid Anwer and Dr Syed Abdul Aziz had served as the controller of examination in the BIEK.

He said that some influential officials in the board did not let the officials on such key posts to work freely. "The resignation of Dr Abdul Aziz is causing hinders in the arrangements of holding the intermediate examinations, which is scheduled to be held from May 29, 2007.

However the schedule of the annual examinations at intermediate level is already decided to be held with one-week extension," he said.



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