FPSC can reappoint contract teachers

ISLAMABAD, May 3(Dawn): The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has advertised 280 posts providing an opportunity to the contract teachers to get themselves reappointed, Minister of State for Education Anisa Zeb Tahirkheli told the National Assembly on Wednesday.

In reply to a calling attention notice about regularisation of contract teachers in the federal capital, the minister said it was not possible to regularise them as a policy decision.

However, these contract employees can get themselves re- selected through proper process laid down by the FPSC, she maintained. She said the matter of their regularisation did not fall under the purview of her ministry.

The government, she added, fully sympathised with the contract teachers but they knew the fact when they had accepted the terms and conditions of contractual jobs.

She said currently the number of contract teachers in the federal capital was 44.

In reply to a question, she said there were 19 model colleges in Islamabad - nine for boys and 10 for girls.

The house was informed that according to a Supreme Court decision, a contractual employee after completing 10 years in service can be eligible for a permanent post.

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"please give me job if you need to appoint new teachers on contract basis.bcz i just came to know abt this news.if u wil give sch jobs i thik unemploymnt wl come to an end."
Name: javeria mehmood
City, Country: mianwali, Pakistan

"sir we were working under the ministry of social walfere and special education directorate general of special education but recently they off our period without any particular reason. we request you kindly take any suitable action thanking you shah faisal "
Name: shah faisal
Email: shahfaisal49@yahoo.com
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan



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