How to make friends on Facebook

Short of friends on Facebook? Wondering why you have no mates on MySpace? I have the answer. Just write a few words pondering whether social networking is for the over-40s and you will be swamped with offers of friendship.

That is what happened to me after I wrote an article here suggesting that the likes of Facebook, MySpace and bebo might well be revolutionising the social interactions of the under-30s, but would not work for my generation.

A lot of people wanted to prove me wrong. On Facebook, which seems to be the hottest network right now, more than 700 people have been in touch to offer friendship.

Facebook group
To my embarrassment they have even set up a Facebook group called Befriend Rory Cellan-Jones.

In the words of a veteran presenter of Radio 4's Today Programme when I revealed this on air: "How sad is that?"

After the initial excitement of being the most popular boy in school, I quickly sobered up and stopped accepting friendship requests.

After all, I reasoned, my real friends would be put off from joining my network if they had to fight their way through the crowds. That annoyed some Facebookers.

"It's not about KNOWING the people you add as friends, and you don't have to say anything to them. Just add them and make yourself look more popular - it's what all the cool kids are doing," said Beth Rowell from Oxford.

"Without being too harsh on the old guy - could it be that he doesn't understand how to add friends?" wrote Andrew Loughran on "the wall" - a sort of public space - of the Befriend group.

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"i am male 28 from karachi. any one who have good atitude and simple for friendship so most welcome."
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