'Free textbooks' on sale in Kohat

KOHAT, May 5(Dawn): Sale of textbooks, printed for free distribution in government schools, at the local shops has created a shortage of books in the district.

As in previous year, the books stamped with 'Free, issued by government of NWFP, not for sale' are on offer in private schools as well as in shops.

Parents are forced to buy the books because of the shortage.

The department concerned gets fixed numbers of books printed for government and private schools without proper assessment of the demand.

The students are suffering because some books, particularly of mathematics, English and Urdu and those of eighth, ninth and tenth classes have been out of market for three weeks.Teachers and parents have demanded immediate supply of the books.

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"HI Im from Village Khader Khel Lachi Distric Kohat. Im studing out side form village Plz send free Books at School in out village so poor peope in our village. Im telling you that Here in our village No Teachers In the school some one have but not called as a teacher why? Becoz he cant studing right why.student not satisfied for his teaching. How techer will teach if a teacher cant pass matric. Our village only two schools of Girls"Primary". Must One High school for Girls & Boys in own Villg. Kindly requested you all reader if u have visit see the schools & teacher im very thankful to you. Village Khaderkhel Lachi District Kohat Pakistan "
Name: student
Email: sweet_kohat@yahoo.com
City, Country: Khadar khel,lachi,Kohat, Pakistan



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