HEC to withdraw charters for failure to meet criteria

LAHORE, May 3(Daily Times): Charters will be withdrawn from private universities and institutions that do not meet the requirements set by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) after June 30 2008, said an HEC official on Wednesday.

He said the cabinet had set a deadline for February 26 2007, on February 27 2002. in 2006, this deadline was extended to June 30 2008, he added.

This announcement was launched as an ad campaign in various newspapers. It listed the universities/institutions that were substandard, he said. A recent ad gave names of an institution and three universities in Sindh, along with a university in the NWFP.

The HEC director general, Muhammad Javed Khan, said that there were no institutions or universities in the Punjab that did not meet the requisites of the HEC charter. He added that the ones that were not up to the mark earlier, had taken their warnings seriously and were now apt, with improved infrastructures and PhD qualified teachers.

The official said that many private institutions and universities in the country were housed in rented premises and lacked properly qualified faculty members and the students were charged very high fees. He said the cabinet was monitoring such institutions and would soon take steps to end this injustice with the students.

Earlier, each province had its own criteria for private institutions, but in 2006, the cabinet set the HEC criteria as the standard for all private institutions and universities and relaxed some of the requirements to set up such institutions. Still the standards were not met.



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