HEC proposal on deans' appointments rejected

LAHORE, May 8(Daily Times): The Education Department has rejected the Higher Education Commission's (HEC) proposal of appointing faculty deans and departmental chairpersons in government universities through a search committee saying that it is against the Universities Act and will facilitate political influence in the management of universities.

Punjab University registrar Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan said that the appointment of faculty deans and departmental chairpersons through a search committee would be against the Universities Act. He said appointments through a search committee could invite outside influence in the affairs of universities.

Dr Khan said the appointments should remain in the control of university VCs for better management. He said the university syndicates were the best search committees because they consisted of senior university officials and public representatives.

A department official said the HEC had sought comments from the Education Department regarding the appointments by search committees. He said the department rejected the proposal after receiving comments from some government universities' VCs and senior officials.

He said senior officials of various universities had said that the Universities Act included instructions on appointment of deans and chairpersons. The official said most VCs stated this would increase the burden on the chancellor's office. They also said this would be against the autonomy of universities.



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