HEC displayed blacklist of plagiarists on website

LAHORE, May 1(Daily Times): The Higher Education Commission (HEC) website features a blacklist of plagiarists along with the plagiarised paper/dissertation presented by the person and the original source from where the matter was picked.

However, HEC executive director Dr Sohail H Naqvi said that the web page designer was asked not to put the blacklist online till the names of all plagiarists were put on it. He said it has been displayed without the HEC's permission. He said the page would be "improved" in a few days. He added that the names of the plagiarists from the PU Centre for Higher Energy Physics (CHEP) would be pasted on the blacklist soon.

The list currently presents only one name, Dr Mian Aftab, chairman of a Psychology Department. However, the page does not mention the name of professor's university. Dr Naqvi said that Dr Aftab was the chairman of the Punjab University's Department of Psychology and Applied Psychology.

Dr Naqvi did not comment on the fact that the HEC had yet not proved the accusation of plagiarism against Dr Aftab. "We have many more cases of plagiarism," he said, but did not elaborate.

Dr Aftab was accused in February of plagiarising his research papers and PU Faculty of Life Sciences dean Dr Shahida Hassnain was asked to investigate the matter. According to the website, Dr Aftab's plagiarised paper/dissertation is "The Role of Parents in the Socialisation of Children: An Historical Overview" (Developmental Psychology (1994) Vol 38 No 10, 1006-1018 Journal of Applied Counselling, New York). It says the paper/dissertation from which Dr Aftab plagiarised his paper is "The Role of Parents in the Socialisation of Children: An Historical Overview" by Eleanor E Maccoby, Stanford University (Developmental Psychology (1992) Vol 28 No 6, 1006-1017).

The website also provides 'The Little Book of Plagiarism' produced by Leeds Metropolitan University, with a note, "The booklet is reproduced, with amendments."



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