IT recruiters reveal hottest skills in demand

The IT recruiters have spoken and revealed the hottest skills with the highest demand in the market right now. According to iTWire's unique skills-tags barometer, which lets viewers see at a glance which are the most sought after skills, demand is white hot for .NET, C++, C#, Active Directory, solutions architects, anything to do with Java, Linux, Unix, SAP, HTML, XML, ITIL, Oracle, Networking and Cisco engineers, among others. The iTWire skills tags system enables viewers to see at a glance which skills are most in demand by their relative size. The tag size is directly related to the number of times recruiters and employers have requested a particular skill in job ads listed. IT professionals and job seekers can see at a glance how their particular skill set fares in the scheme of the employment market and they can click on a skill-tag and see all the available jobs listing that skill.

At this stage, it appears both Linux and Microsoft .NET skills are in particularly high demand. However, perhaps a little surprisingly the market for MCSE and skills in the various flavours of Windows is relatively soft, with not even a mention of Vista, indicating that Vista projects are still not on the radar of the business world.

Database skills are also in strong demand with SQL and SQL Server tags appearing prominent, while management and support skills also figure highly among the jobs on offer.

In what is believed to be a first for an Australian IT jobs board, graduates have been given their own page of jobs listings. Based on the relative size of the graduate tag and the number of jobs listed, there appears to be a moderate yet healthy demand for entry level graduates, an interesting sign for this time of the year.

Other skills showing up at the highest level among the skills tags include development, infrastructure architects and LAN expertise. There is also moderate demand for high level web development and scripting expertise such as Flash, PHP, Javascript and Perl, as is the case for games development skills.

Skills tags are the first in a series of innovations and services that iTWire plans to introduce to its enhanced JobsWire service. More announcements are in the pipeline for the near future.

By Stan Beer (ITWire) spacer


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