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Two Int. Islamic University teachers resign

ISLAMABAD, May 23(The Nation) - Some students and teachers of the International Islamic University Islamabad(IIUI),in an application addressed to the Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr Attaur Rehman, have levelled serious allegations of plagiarism, nepotism and corruption against two faculty members of the university, Dr Khalid Rashid and Tauseef-ur-Rehman.

IIUI President Dr Anwar Hussain Siddiqui confirmed that a complaint was lodged against the accused faculty members with the HEC, which asked the university administration to hold an independent inquiry.

According to the complaint, Mr Tauseef, after resigning from IIUI, joined Federal Urdu University and earned millions of rupees from there.

It is learnt that nowadays MR Tauseef is running a petrol pump in Karachi, while Dr Khalid left his job at the IIUI after getting all the benefits. However, complainants were of the view that the IIUI administration did not take stern action against him due to lack of evidence.

The complainants further alleged that Ammar Khalid Chaudhry, son of Dr Khalid Rashid, did his research with Tauseef-ur Rehman in MS (Computer Science). Title of his research paper was "Data Profiling for Transformation Engines in Very Large Databases", and was allegedly published in Data mining Journal, Seattle, USA, in 2004. The complainants insisted that no such journal existed in any part of the world. But Ammar Khalid Chaudhry received his degree from IIUI on the basis of this paper and is studying in UK these days, the complainants maintained.

The application further revealed that a gentleman Mr Suleman, son of a friend of Dr Khalid Rashid, presently working as lecturer in Department of Computer Sciences(DCS), allegedly gifted a plot of land to Dr Khalid at Bahria Town. He could not pass the admission test of IIUI and the list was ôtailored to bring him onto the merit list. The applicants claimed, some old faculty members are witness to this.

The applicants further claimed that the publications on the basis of which Mr Suleman was awarded salary increments ôare fake, and no action has been taken against him, as he is son of a doctor who has great influence among higher officials at IIUI.

The complainants further revealed that Dr. Khalid Rashid's second son, Sameer Khalid Chaudhry, got admission in BS (Telecom Engineering).This department, they alleged, was established especially for him. 

Sameer Khalid, they alleged, left the university during the 1st semester and after that Dr. Khalid Rashid allegedly did not take any interest in the Department of Telecom Engineering and Computer Engineering. 

They further alleged that Dr Khalid appointed the faculty members at his own will and liking, and most of the teachers were his old students or belong to Bahawalpur. One latest example, they say, is the appointment of Mr Mustafa Rashid in DCS.

According to complainants, the rule of IIUI is that if the selection board of the university rejects a person, he/she cannot appear in the selection board of any other faculty, not even on contract basis.

They claimed that selection board of the Faculty of Management Sciences rejected Mustafa Rashid but Dr Rashid immediately appointed him in the Faculty of Applied Sciences, bypassing all the rules.

They further claimed that Dr Rasheed, ôbeing a government servant did different jobs, thus violating the government rules. He also took many items like electronic appliances, computers and accessories of his faculty to his home. Sun machine was the most expensive item, which the students were not allowed to use but was sent to his home for the project of his son Ammar Khalid. 

They further alleged that there were two internet connections for students in the department but one connection was used at Dr Khalid Rasheed's home. 

The complainants further maintained, numerous copied and fake research papers in which Dr Khalid Rashid and other teachers were involved, had been removed from all the libraries of IIUI.

Dr. Anwar Hussain Siddiqui, President of the University, when contacted, said, "University made a four-member committee of deans of different faculties to probe and solve the issue. The committee, he said, concluded that Dr Khalid was not directly involved in all the cases but he overlooked the matters, and was thus found negligent, and therefore he resigned.

Dr Siddiqui said, the committee found Mr Tauseef responsible for the whole lot of misdeeds and therefore he too resigned. 

Dr Rasheed, when contacted, however maintained, I was not involved. Tauseef was responsible for all this corruption and he has accepted that. It is not me alone saying this; it was the decision of the universitys four-member inquiry committee. This is a conspiracy against me. There is a stenographer at the university who got a bad ACR, so he is taking revenge by harming my reputation.

Your Comments
"So sad to read this all....."
Name: IIUI student
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"Too bad. This should not happen in Higher Education Institutes. Ive also observed that in other Govt. Universities, the persons on the top, use their rights in illegal ways."
Name: abc
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"Those who have never sinned should throw the first stone."
Name: Yasir
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"Very very Shaming Situation.I think only tree should not removed but all of its roots should be removed."
Name: Salman
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"I think even after the decision of the committee, it is not wise to blame Dr. Khalid. The report obviously found Dr. Khalid negligent, and not allegedly involved in plagiarism. There is no authentic statement of other allegations e.g. by University officials. If some one believes in the other allegations then there should be another committee for investigating the same."
Name: Rehan Farooq
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"No more words to say. Its totally sahmefull and awkward."
Name: BeeJ
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"Being a stundent of iiui, it is very shaming situation especially for all the students of iiui. i think this matter should solve properly by uni administration and make it sure that this kind of act should not repeated in future, so that the image (if it is there) of university should made better."
Name: Ayesha
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"Well after reading all the report I think we made a mistake to blame Dr Khalid Rasheed. It was him who made a Faculity out of a small depatment. It was him who made the repute for DCS when we were criticized by Mulas that computer science is the knowledge of evil (I am talking about 1996 when we were the fist BCS) Anyways I have been in 8 countries now and worked with Multinationals although I havent met with DR Khalid for last 8 years but I know him as my teacher. He has invested more than 20 years in IIU look the good work what he has done. Ethically speaking this is not the way of teating some ones work and I am sure that who ever in the President of IIU whould re-think. In Pakistan I see if a person is strick in rules then he is BAD and if a person is flexible then he is good. Thats the delima of our nation. Anyways I thought that I shoudl spoeak now I dont know how many people will agree with me. OK Then Allah Hafiz & Take Good Care of your self. Waslaam Atif Nazar Ali."
Name: Atif Nazar Ali
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"Dear Readers, As I m the student of IIUI.the uni is going down side day by day...Full of corruption ,betraying..the girls who sekks A.All cz of BETRAYING(CHAPLUSE)teachers..and the called Teacher SALMAN involiving with many girls in uni as his Girl Friends.Now u can imagine the situation here..The university PCs + Printers will never be available to u for work..usually Girls and Bpys use the Internat for chatting.I dont know who is all responsible...But I want to clean up all this but how?????????????"
Name: Alia
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"this is totally unfair with Dr. Khalid."
Name: Sadia
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"Hi, Being the old student of Dr Khalid rashid, I think this is unfair to him. I know he is very strict in some cases and wants to control evrything but I think if he was not there, IIUI can not start computer department in the first place as well. I think the problem started when the self finance scheme started ie 1996. At that time monsy comes in and everyone in the IIUI not only computer department but upper managment start concentarting on financial matters instead of education."
Name: was
City, Country: London,UK

"o God, thanks, i didnt have Tauseef sb. my supervisor. but one thing is for sure, Mr Tauseef has a great reputation in plagiarism or Research corruption. he said me many time to come up with my research meterial and papers, and we gonna make in publish in anyother journal with differen names. but i have some other fear, My Supervisor was Khalid Rasheed :("
Name: mera naam Student
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"the man who worked 4 iiui days n nights thrown away like a thorn, its v bad who ever responsible 4 this all, we should respect our teachers, even if they make any mistake" akhir insaan ha" 4 my teachers " Dr. Khalid Rasheed & Dr. Tauseef-ur-Rehman.
Name: faiz
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"@above you all First of all its not the matter of DR Khalid only............Please tell me how the faculty recruitment is done in IIUI? On merit or on Safarish Are teachers competent especially in FMS? DO they mark students netrally? Are students with their eduction are happy in FMS? Getting jobs after degrees? What is about the most of the teachers in FMS........are they all honest? Perhaps answer to all of these questions is negative.........Corruption is not only stealing something from the Univeristy but the biggest corruption is ti play with the students futrue and most of the faculty members unfortunately are very prejudice............So are nt they all corrupt?????? What do you think.
Name: Papu
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"No more words to say. Its totally sahmefull and awkward." I think only tree should not removed but all of its roots should be removed."
Name: ahmad yar
City, Country: student of IIUI, Pakistan

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