Lal Masjid student 'kidnapped'

ISLAMABAD, May 3(Dawn): A 22-year-old student of the Lal Mosque was allegedly kidnapped by unidentified persons Wednesday evening, sources informed.

Lal Masjid's Naib Khateeb Abdul Rasheed Ghazi, when contacted, said the student identified as Abdul Basir, a resident of Sector G-11, was picked up by a group of people from Dhokri Chowk.

He claimed that "agencies have kidnapped the student."

Mr Ghazi said the incident happened when Mr Basir went to Dhokri Chowk to meet one of his relatives.

A group of persons riding five vehicles came to the petrol pump where the student was having a chat with his relative and asked his name. After verification, they dragged him into one of the vehicles and sped away, the naib khateeb added.

Mr Ghazi said its was a planned kidnapping incident, which could only be carried out by "intelligence agencies".

According to him, Mr Basir's elder brother would lodge a complaint with the police about the incident.

Meanwhile, till the filling of this news report the police denied the occurrence of any such incident and said they had not received any complaint in this regard.



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