Lyceum class of '07 graduates

KARACHI, May 7(Daily Times): The Lyceum School held its annual graduation ceremony at a local hotel Saturday. The ceremony, which was attended by parents, students and members of the faculty, started at about 4:30 p.m.

After an address by the principal, Shereen Saeed Khan, scrolls were distributed among the graduating class of 2007. Furthermore, awards were distributed among students who had excelled in either academics or extra-curricular activities.

Special awards were also given to three students, from the class of 2006, who had topped the Cambridge exams in Pakistan. The students are Asna Abdullah (English General), Mehwash Ansari (Literature) and Hina Ather Khan (Psychology). Afterwards, following an address by the head girl and head boy of the class of 2007, the new student council was sworn in.

As the names of students were called out their classmates hooted and cheered them on to the stage where the awards were being handed out. There were some glitches in the show, especially when the names of students were called out for the distribution of scrolls but that was mainly because there were so many of them.

A shy Mr Bhuiya was egged on to the stage to hand out his AH Bhuiya Economics awards and Qamar Aapa handed out the Jiya (Razia Shabbir Ahmad) award for Urdu. The Murreum Sikandar Award for Sociology was presented by Mrs Sikandar. The award was renamed after student Murreum who died in a tragic car accident. School founder and director studies Scheherazade Asdar Ahmed was not present but a card and her note of congratulations were read out by the principal. Her brother Adnan Asdar presented the Dr Asdar Ali Award to the valedictorian and urged the students to return home after their studies abroad as their country would need them.

Parents mingled with the students for refreshments afterwards as the band started to play. Some students gathered around the stage to celebrate as others grouped up for photographs. While graduating from school was a relief for many, few could forget the fact that the A-Level exams are just around the corner.



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