MQM-IJT rivalry might boil up in Punjab

LAHORE, May 15(Daily Times): Party insiders have warned that the 'old enmity' between the MQM and the Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) will create a Sindh-like situation in Punjab as the MQM tries to make its feet firm in the province. The IJT has claimed that Saturday's vandalism in Karachi has left an IJT member dead and 22 other IJT members have been injured.

The IJT has blamed the MQM for deliberately shooting IJT activists. The IJT also claims that the MQM has killed more than 25 of its members in the past two decades. The MQM had set up the All Pakistan Muttahida Students' Organisation to counter the IJT in 1978 and now it is trying to set the feet of its youth wing in the colleges and universities of Punjab. IJT central president Nasarrullah Goriya, in a press conference on Saturday, demanded the government to ban MQM.

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"MQM Did worng and at the moment MQM up to some extent create the soft corner after 1992 among the ppl, but from May 12, their repute and immage deshaped as their attitude was not democratic even it was looked like stone age. Now situation changed by several factors like media, now no need to listen any Party as public viewed themselves live reality."
Name: zia
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan



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