Microsoft XP is as secure as Vista

AFTER A week of testing, Computer Reseller News testers have found that Windows Vista is only marginally more secure than its predecessor Windows XP.

In a comparison review, it seems that if you strip Vista and XP down to the bare bones you can find little between them.

The review said that Vista is 'riddled with holes', despite its much touted multilayer security architecture and embedded security tools.

It provided no improvement in virus protection. Vista brings little or no security gains over its predecessor against such threats as RDS exploits, script exploits, image exploits, VML exploits, malformed Web pages and known malicious URLs, the Test Centre found. Both failed to detect two worms and a virus.

While Vista's Windows Defender, which is designed to detect various malware, gave the new OS a slight edge over XP when detecting spyware and adware sites.



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