Qazi wants non-Muslims in revised history curriculum

ISLAMABAD, May 31(Daily Times): Federal Education Minister Javed Ashraf Qazi said the histories of Ashok and Chandra Gupta Maurya could not be omitted from the curriculum, but they were only included so that students could have greater knowledge of the history of the subcontinent.

He was addressing the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Education here on Wednesday. The committee was reviewing a calling-attention notice by the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal concerning the inclusion of non-Muslim historical figures in the revised history curriculum for classes VI to VIII.

Qazi made it clear that the history curriculum dealt only with historical events and not religious incidents, reported Online. He said non-Muslims were involved in the history of the subcontinent and therefore could not be omitted from the curriculum. MMA members, however, were not satisfied with Qazi's stance even though a majority of the committee expressed its agreement with the federal education minister. Committee members said the revised syllabus provided students with complete information about the changes that occurred in various rulers' regimes.

The committee also took notice of the teacher's strike throughout Pakistan and directed Qazi to consider the teachers' demands including an increase in salary. Qazi said most of the demands dealt with the teachers' individual provinces and the committee stressed upon greater coordination among the provinces.

Qazi stated that Rs 8 billion had been disbursed under the Presidential Educational Reforms project, adding that Punjab did not want to be part of the project, because it was willing to enact Educational Reforms through loans from the World Bank.



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