IJT 'takes over' PU to welcome Imam of Kaaba

LAHORE, May 31(Daily Times): The Islami Jamiat Talaba on Wednesday 'took over' the Punjab University (PU) to give a warm welcome to Imam-e-Kaaba Abdul Rehman Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Sudais. The imam was received on the PU campus by the IJT and was given a brief reception by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) head Qazi Hussain Ahmad. No PU official was seen on the welcome ceremony except some PU teachers and students affiliated with the IJT and JI. The imam, addressing the Qazi-hosted reception, said his visit had an international impact and it would help unite Muslims. He appreciated the role of the JI and the IJT in promoting Islamic spirit in the educational institutions of the country. He said the Muslims should stand united to counter the conspiracies against Islam. Qazi termed the presence of the imam on the PU campus as a historic event. He said, "We have selected the PU for the imam's reception, as it is the most reputed educational institution of the country."

The imam reached the PU campus at 3:30pm. He was later taken to the venue along with PU Academic Staff Association president Prof Mumtaz Salik, affiliated with the JI, and a number of law college teachers and IJT activists. Prof Salik presented a traditional gift to the imam and the latter presented a book comprising of his Friday sermons to Qazi. On conditions of anonymity, some senior government officials said that the government had already cancelled the scheduled visit of the imam to the JI headquarters at Mansoora. They said the imam's reception at the PU was, in fact, compensation from the government to the JI and the IJT. A senior PU official refused to comment. He said the media should ask the government. He had no answer to the question that why any PU official was not present to welcome the imam.



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