Private medical colleges get more concessions

ISLAMABAD, May 2(Dawn): A two-day conference of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) concluded here on Tuesday with more concessions to private medical institutions.

On the second day of the 107th session, the Council granted another opportunity for improvement to Independent Medical College Faisalabad and Jinnah Medical College Peshawar to get themselves recognized. Both the institutions had been declared as substandard by the previous council.

The two colleges had even lost their cases in Supreme Court and PMDC had ordered their closure.

Similarly, the Council accorded recognition to another private institution, Lahore University College of Medicine and Dentistry, which reportedly does not possess required facilities.

Yet another beneficiary was Khyber University, whose case for recognition had not even been processed. Khyber University's vice chancellor, although not a notified member, was allowed to participate in yesterday's session on special invitation.

Sources say the special consideration for Khyber University was actually an attempt to soften a case of irregularity against King Edward University Lahore.

CMH Lahore Medical College succeeded in getting its permitted student strength increased from 50 to 100.

A supplementary agenda was issued to get Dr Asim Hussain, of a private institution, on the executive council. His election had been opposed yesterday on the grounds that the procedure being adopted was not proper. The Sindh government's nominee had resigned to get him accommodated on the executive council. However, the member, who protested the election procedure yesterday, strangely seconded him today. Others elected in relaxation of the procedure were Dr Nazia Yazdani and Dr Abdul Malik Achakzai.

Several committees were appointed to work on teaching medical faculty requirements, inspection criteria, training workshop of inspectors, post graduate medical and dental education, review of proposed amendments in PMDC Ordinance 1962 and curriculum. One of the figures nominated on almost all the committees was Dr Asim Hussain.

A member of the Council, talking to this reporter, after attending the meeting said he had been discouraged the way the agenda was bull-dozed. "It is quite clear to me that the council has been hijacked by the private sector in connivance with the federal health ministry," he added.

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"hello Jinnah Medical College Peshawar are unrecognised or recognised. if college are unrecognised so where we { student} are going......"
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