SPLA condemns delay in recruitment of teachers

KARACHI, May 3(Daily Times): The Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) has condemned the delay in hiring teaching and non-teaching staff while students across Sindh suffer due to lack of teachers.

In a meeting, chaired by Prof. Liaquat Aziz and attended by Prof. Manzoor Hussain Chishti, Prof. Agha Khalid and members of different colleges, participants criticized the policies of the government. They pointed out that around 15,000 places still remained vacant, which was discouraging and was spreading despondency among students, as they had to appear in exams without completing their syllabuses. They claimed that 24 colleges, including 11 colleges in Karachi, were still running without a proper faculty because teachers hired on ad hoc basis had been fired.

In a statement issued by the SPLA, they appealed to the Sindh governor and chief minister to approve the hiring of teachers, at least for the 24 vacancies. They criticized the Sindh Education Minister Dr Hamida Khuhro and Secretary Education Sabhago Khan Jatoi over their lethargic attitude and claimed that both of them were busy leveling accusations on teachers' groups rather than working in the better interest of the students.



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