No charges over 'suicide' on web

Chatroom users who watched a man apparently commit suicide over the internet will not face charges, the Crown Prosecution Service has said.

Kevin Whitrick, 42, of Wellington, Shropshire, broadcast his death over the internet in March.

The father-of-two was found hanged after suffering from severe depression for several years.

The CPS said comments made by chatroom users at the time did not amount to a criminal offence.

A spokesman said in a statement: "This is a tragic case which resulted in the untimely death of Kevin Whitrick.

"We examined all the evidence passed to us by the police and have concluded that none of the comments made in the chatroom amounted to a criminal offence.

"As a result, there is insufficient evidence to prosecute any person for any criminal offence arising out of Mr Whitrick's death."

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