Important clues in FCCU Professor murder case

Investigators find important clues
Lahore, Nov 27: Police investigators have found some important clues into the murder of Forman Christian College University (FCCU) Professor Khursheed Alam Gill. A breakthrough regarding the murder incident of the FCCU' senior professor is expected within next few days with the police investigators claiming the murder an outcome of the family dispute.

An important lead in this regard that the Gulberg police found is the motorcycle on which the killers arrived at the residence of the deceased professor and used it to escape from the scene. A police team has been dispatched to Multan where it would trace the owner of the bike through record of excise and taxation department.

The concerned police officers also found some important clues from the record of the landline phone of the victim family which is leading them to the family dispute.

Superintendent Police (SP) Model Town Division Rai Ijaz disclosed that during investigation the police had succeeded in tracing the registration number of the motorbike used by the killers.

He said that police had already taken into custody the record of security staff deployed at the entry/exit point of the university. He said nobody was allowed to enter the college without showing his identity at the main gate of the college. It took the police investigators a lot of time to trace the registration number of the motorcycle, as the record was showing entries of many people at the time of teacher's murder, he added.

To a query as to how sure the police were that the registration number of the bike they were banking on was the same used by the killers during their visit to the residence of the deceased professor, the SP said the police concluded this after thoroughly questioning the security staff. Besides, he said the record taken into custody was also analysed by the experts.

"The entry time of the two motorcyclists showed in the record was some minutes before the killing of the college teacher" the SP said.

To another query, he said the record of calls made on the victim's landline number by the killers before visiting him also led to the clue of the formers' involvement in the murder case. He, however, refused to give further details about the identity of the killers and the investigations saying that leakage of information could alert the assassins.

He believed the senior teacher of the FCCU was murdered following a family dispute and further investigations were under way.

Incharge investigation police Gulberg Hamid Mahmood who was also hopeful about the early outcome of the teacher's murder case, said the important information collected by the police investigators would lead them to the killers.

He said the police had also investigated the case keeping in view the involvement of some faculty members of the FCCU in the murder incident but had found no evidences in this regard.

It is pertinent to mention the two unidentified men had gunned down the senior professor of FCCU at his official residence for unknown reasons some days back.

The victim teacher Khursheed Alam Gill, 55, was professor of Mass Communication and was holding many offices at the same time in the college due to his vast experience and good repute.

The victim teacher was residing with his only son Shakir Gill and wife in the college hostel. The Nation

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"that is bull****, we didnt have any family disputes at all, infact my father was the only person with sound financial conditions, and others were dependent on him.... Gulberg police lies.... if you people dont know about Khurshid Alam Gill so you should better SHUT UP.... CURSE UPON THOSE FROM ME AND MY FAMILY WHO SAY THAT!!!!!!!!! and if you people at least believe in the existence of God then you would pay for not realising about the pains that we have been through"
Name: shakir khurshid gill
City, Country: lahore

"i totaly agree with u.he was my english teacher when i was in bsc in 2004,when i read the news i was totatlly shocked ,May his soul rest in my condolences to ur mother.I still remeber him sayin ;sardiyan wich mai zara sorna ho jana wan..........i totaly admired his suits he use to wear in winter,coz he wore a diferent siuit each day.I was punctual n regular in his class only n used to say kk kadi kusm tor v day ann di..kadi chutui kr v laya kar...........God i miss him alot......... "
Name: Waqas Tariq
City, Country: lahore

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