Punjab University BA/BSc 2009 early exam condemned

Colleges slate early BA/Bsc exams
Lahore, Nov 25: Several government and private colleges have condemned the Punjab University's move to conduct the BA/BSc 2009 examinations a month prior to their originally scheduled date, saying this will adversely affect the result.

The Punjab University (PU) has announced that the BA/BSc Annual Examination 2009 would be held on February 17, as compared to the previously announced date of March 12 (approximately a month earlier). According to the PU administration, this move was made in the larger interest of the students. It said that the exams could not be conducted at the original date, as there would be a clash with the scheduled dates of the matriculation and intermediate examinations. It added that there was insufficient staff; too few examination centres; and other related problems that would have forced the BA/BSc exams to be moved to May 15 or later if they were not held early.

Too little time: However, the stakeholders concerned have said that this move would likely adversely affect the results of the students because they would have very little time to prepare for the exams. Government Islamia College Principal Dr Zaheer Minhas said that the PU's decision did not benefit students. He said that if the administration wanted to conduct the examinations a month earlier, then it should have announced it at least a year in advance so that the students and college administrations were prepared for it. Similarly, Government Islamia College Lahore (Cantt) Principal Dr Rukhsana Latafit said that the shortage of time would greatly inconvenience students, adding that regardless, they were bound to follow the management's decision. Another principal of a government college said that several colleges had performed poorly in last year's BA/BSc examinations, adding that some had even shown a zero percent result. He said that the PU's decision would likely worsen this situation, as several colleges would not be able to complete their courses. He said that around 172,888 students appeared in the exams last year, with 120,000 students private candidates. He said that the pass percentage was 24.67 percent, which was significantly lower than the previous year's 26.68 percent. According to an official of the Education Department, there are around 425 colleges in the province. He said that the decision would likely affect the colleges in remote areas of the province worst.

Not possible: Rubab Fatima, a student of BA, said that the decision had made most students very anxious, adding that it was not possible to complete the coursework in such little time. She said that most students studied in the last months prior to the exams and they were very concerned about the lack of a month. Aousaf Ahmed, another BA student, said that it did not make any sense to conduct examinations out of order. He said the matric, intermediate and BA/BSc exams should all be conducted in order.

Not willing: PU Controller (Examinations) Zahid Karim Khan said that the decision had been taken to avoid a clash with the scheduled dates of the matriculation and intermediate examinations. He said that the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) had been unwilling to change their dates, so the PU had taken the initiative. He said the decision had been taken after thorough discussions between the PU administration and the Education Department. He said that they had chosen to conduct the exams early, as load shedding would prevent the students from effectively studying in the months of April and May.

Three months: According to the PU administration, the colleges concerned were informed of this decision three-and-a-half months ago. Meanwhile, the BISE has also revised its schedule regarding Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination and intermediate examination 2009. BISE Controller Manzoorul Hasan Niazi said that according to the revised schedule, matriculation exams would be held on March 17, while the intermediate examination would start from April 20. Daily Times

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"Punjab university has given very short period to the students of BA.The students have alot of problems like load shedding and short time to cover the course.I request you kindly change the date of exams so that we colud show good results i hope you ll concentrate about it. thanks ."
Name: batool
Email: batoolrose@yahoo.com
City, Country: chakwal,pakistan

"It is really horrible to know that The PU has Withdrawn one month from students public deposite account and they didn,t bother to consult them.This shows how democratic and caring our institution and departments are. we are sorry to be part of such system based on the disrespect and forceful dictation principle."
Name: haleem Raja
Email: haleem_muhammad@yahoo.co.au
City, Country: Rawalpindi, pakistan

"pu did very very bad for students because we made our mind for exams which r held in 17march which thay rejected that date on other way they say that"phara lhikha punjab humara" y this happened so i beg to punjab university that they will think about it. thnx."
Name: Muqaddas
Email: apersonforlove@hotmail.com
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"its not good i just start pepartion of exams its too short time :( "
Name: zobia
Email: missfit_786@yahoo.com
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"oh its not fair....plz dont do it....you did very bad with us....I start pepartion of exams but i cant Concentrate in my studies because the time is too short....i am worried about it....plz i request u plz plz plz postpone our examination date.Punjab university has given very short period to the students of BA\bsc."
Name: fatima
Email: sweet_girl12ka4@yahoo.com
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"i just want 2 ask u aquestion y did u do that? it will be not good in my and other students of bsc please extend this dateshheet for our good future."
Name: inam
Email: inam205@hotmail.com
City, Country: rawalpindi, pakistan

"we have very short time to prepare our cours due to loadshedding.Without any preparation of our lenghthy course how can we get a good result.And as you know that students are the foundation of the country.So plz postpon the date of examination."
Name: Asad Ali
Email: Sgillani85@yahoo.com
City, Country: Lahore, pakistan

"yar no problem agar exam one month pahly bhi ho rahy hain tu kia faraq parta hai jis nay two years mein tayari nahi ki uss nay one month mein kia kar lena hai... wasy bhi mery jesa insan jo last 11 years say paper day raha hai usko koi tension nahi chahy kal hi lay lo papers."
Name: sheikh furqan
Email: sheikh.furqan@yahoo.com
City, Country: Lahore, pakistan

"salam!controler examiner!sir u were also a student in ur teen age_so u can just understand how it is difficult to prepare the whole course_sir why u dont want to see us in success_and you used to say something that we r future of pakistan_than why u r destroying the future of Pakistan_plz give us some time to prepare ourseves for our fbright future and expectation_but otherwise every thing will be demonished_ thank u _ jahangeer khan mohmand ."
Name: jahangeer khan
Email: jahangeer_jani05@yahoo.com
City, Country: gujranwala, pakistan

"yar exam march main he hony chahian ta k tiari k liay theek waqt mil saky aur aub to load sheding ke kafi problem hay ."
Name: saeed ahmad
Email: saeed_janu@yahoo.com
City, Country: Gujranwala, pakistan

"A.A any one has excercied for BA exams through punjab university in saudiaraibia.i would like to ask for help me in that matter.i donot have any information on this subject.advanced thanks for it."
Email: aqeelamalik@hotmail.com
City, Country: Al-Hofuf Saudiaraibia

"it is not agood decesion 4 the students.PUshould take exams in may.it is better for students.it is the problem of students future ."
Name: sana
Email: www.sam_malik379@yahoo.com
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"yaar no tension jas na 2 saal kuch nahi keya who 1 month ma kya kar la ga hum log system change karna ka tu boht kahta han par khud ko chang nahi karta Allah bahtar kara ga insaAllah."
Name: Imran Ullah Khan
Email: dilwalay_0000@yahoo.com
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"I condemn this move of Punjab University. Please students ! Come on the roads against this desicion intill you will FAIL !! "
Name: muhammad abbas
Email: muh2002us@gmail.com
City, Country: gujranwala, Pakistan

"Punjab universitys step make more difficulties for the students and we to work hard to gain the high level but we have not much time. I personnely feels that the shock of a month will effect the student badly. May GOD help us."
Name: ahmad
Email: nawaz_15@yahoo.com
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I waz much shocked when i heard about this news.But unfortunately we poor student community cant do anything regarding this matter.PU administration will do whatever they want."
Email: dapakidude@yahoo.com
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"Sir Why? this year BA/B.Sc. Annual Exam conduct the BA/BSc Sir why? Punjab University this year BA/B.Sc. Examination will be conduct a month prior to their originally scheduled date, saying this will adversely affect the result."
Name: muhammad zohrab
Email: rajashaaheen2008@yahoo.com
City, Country: Wah Cantt, Pakistan

"plz change the date of exam we cant prepare our B.A course well ."
Name: minaal
Email: sweetysweet9@hotmail.com
City, Country: rawalpindi, Pakistan

"as all know that the course of bsc of punjab university is far much lenthy and difficult then other boards . and pprz r only taken once and all depends on these exams. and in islamabad boy colleges bsc students hav been given least importance and so all has to be done by students. so students need time . plz plz plz plz plz give us time ... requesting for the bright future of pakistan...."
Name: azfar
Email: azfarali2@hotmail.com
City, Country: islamabad, Pakistan

"Actually Its problem of Management of Punjab University to arrange the staff and its really not problem of students. Why they are being involved in uncomfortable environament. on the hand agewise BA/BSc students deserve for more caring situation than Inetermediate and maticulate students because they are going to take part in practicle life and their parents are more hopeful about their future. Kindly dont do it. March/April Sechedule is the best."
Name: G. N. ASIF
Email: gn_asif@hotmail.com
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"Being a citizen of Pakistan, we are all prepared for any sudden announcement including chandge in schedualed examination. It shows t he ignorance and apathy of administration of educational instituitions.I am an ACCA student and B.A would be my supporting degree. I planned to prepare for B.A examination one month two months prior to the exams. Faced with the fact that exams are schedualed earliier, It would be vey difficult for me prepare in the shrinked time. I would definately influence my grades.Who is responsible for it. Whatever the reasons wouuld have been,Pu should not have done this. It shows the irresponsible behaviour of administration. New dates are not acceptable so, it should be retrived."
Name: M Umer Farooq
Email: muhammad471@yahoo.com
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"please PU change ur descion.we r much worried about our exams."
Name: drakhshan.sadiq
Email: drakhshan.sadiq@yahoo.com
City, Country: faisalabad, Pakistan

Name: AMNA
Email: mastamasi@yahoo.com
City, Country: Pakistan

"i think exam will be held in fabrary. coz jis ne two year me prepration nai ki wo one month me kia kre ga. SO dear student keep study atantively. "
Name: Azeem
Email: aazeem96@yahoo.com
City, Country: islamabad, Pakistan

"ohhhhhhhh........... thats not abviously not fair.....it seeems the management of PU is forcing the students to do some khud kush dhamakas in the university...... PU walo .... beware of pakistanis........roll back ur condemnation. as soon as possible...."
Name: wasim ali
Email: wasim727@yahoo.com
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"we have very short time to prepare our cours due to loadshedding. Without any preparation of our lenghthy course how can we get a good result.And as you know that students are the foundation of the country.So plz postpon the date of examination."
Name: Syed Danish Arfat
Email: danisharfat@yahoo.com
City, Country: Rabwah, Pakistan

"hey why u do that plz dont do this we r very worry about our exams if u promise us u will give extra numbers in aur papers we will agree urs date sheet kis chez ka badla laya rahya ho app log khuda ka khof kaho dont do this b.a english is too tuff plz dont do this,......"
Name: hira
Email: hira_hira_126@hotmail.com
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"i disagree with PU decission.my reagardable administration of PU plz change the B.A examination date.because u know that there is many problem of loadshading from last year. most of the students could not prepared there subjects.so plz change the date."
Name: faqir hussain
Email: b4u_but@hotmail.com
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"A.A this is Aqeel Afridi from Islamabad. i have just got rid off the bluddy B.A exams, now i am waiting for results impetiently, plz any body help me while telling me the date of result."
Name: aqeel afridi
Email: aqeel_afridi50@yahoo.com
City, Country: islamabad, Pakistan

"overseas ki b.a 2009 ki date sheet nahi ai abhi tak kab hoon gay un k exams."
Name: abdullah
Email: dullu14@yahoo.com
City, Country: riyadh,saudi arabia

"eaductaion like as a Tree so pls dont cut this Tree. I start pepartion of exams but i cant Concentrate in my studies because the time is too short....i am worried about it....plz i request u plz postpone our examination date.Punjab university has given very short period to the students of BA\bsc." because i can not come in pakistan on the exame time plz do somethink for me this is my futea "
Name: Asif Raza
Email: asif_sar@yahoo.com
City, Country: Riyadh & Saudi Arbia

"plz anyone kindly inform us dat when ba/bsc 2009 result will be announcemend ."
Name: alishba
Email: koolmind418@hotmail.com
City, Country: lahore

"kindly please anyone tell me when BA result is going to be anounced??? "
Name: Rabia
Email: smileagain786@hotmail.com
City, Country: Gujranwala,Pakistan

"can some one tell me that private BA can be done in how much minimum possible duration."
Name: asim gulzar
Email: black_listed88@yahoo.com
City, Country: Islamabad,Pakistan

"can any of u plz tell me when BA result will b announced O GOD HEART IS JST CMING 2 MOUTH...ek tou 1 month pehly hee xamz lea arr abb result ki tension.....ufff ."
Name: sana
Email: anna_mughal88@yahoo.com
City, Country: Islamabad,Pakistan

"salam..I suggest that pu faculty must show flexibility in the marking of papers..hum masoomo k future ka kuch tou khayal karain plz..nahin tou pu ka future tou yehe hoga k koe student ana pasand nahin karay ga..jb koe parhnay wala he nahin hoga tou faculty members ka kya faida?? ghar baithna paray ga bachu...hmara nae tou kam say kum apnay bachon ka he khayal kr lain..hum request kartay hain ap say..ap he k bachon ke khatir..."
Name: mariam
Email: ash4ever5@yahoo.com
City, Country: rawalpindi,Pakistan

"the result will be announced in the second week of july and no exact date has been announced by the university. hopefully 14 july, so, all the very best to all the students awaited for result. "
Name: Maham
Email: mari_baby13@yahoo.com
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"AOA n hello all....thank God i have passed...kesa raha result baki users ka?? "
Name: mariam
Email: moni4ever5@live.com
City, Country:rawalpindi, Pakistan

"AOA...i request not to misuse others ids.....as some of you used to do so..............it seems cheap......ids are not mentioned for any ones personal use...plz mind it.."
Name: mariam
Email: moni4ever5@live.com
City, Country:rawalpindi, Pakistan

"aoa mujhay kuch information layni hai agar koi mere help kar sakkay.jw loog in papers mein fail hogaye hain kya who abb kay annual papers jw 2010 mein ho rahay hai un mein apear ho saktay hain.aur iss kay liyai registration dubara karwani paray gi?plz help me.. "
Name: fatima
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"Salams,We were said that the results for BA exams will be declared on 15 August.We are still waiting ,pls inform us.Thanx "
Name: Sadia
City, Country: Dubai,U A E

"assalmoalaikum when will punjab university announce the result of overseas b.a 2009"
Name: abdullah
Email: abou_sakhar@yahoo.com
City, Country: rawalpindi pakistan

"the exams should b held in march that students can prepare them easily"
Name: minahil shah
Email: minahilshah@yahoo.com
City, Country: faisalabad

"Well.. i think its better because preparation can be completed just within one month if we study with full concentration.. I think PU took good step because we will be free soon . Its good for those students whose prepration r done n just go through is reamaining... If the date was not changed so we become more lazy.. I think now we r taking our exams serious. Inshallah every student will get good marks.. doesnt matter 2 or 3 months remaining... we can do everything in a short period of time if we have a keen desire for it... Allah sab ko achay marks say kamyab kray... Ammmeennnn"
Name: Asma Tahir
Email: kainat_cute_style@yahoo.com
City, Country: Lahore

"Hiya every1!hopfully u r all stuk vd your preprations ov B.A xamxxx.. Wt to do thy hv announced their schdule.wt v can do jst hang vd ar books n prepar us fo paperx.... Whatsoeverm,keenly em in need of B.A syllabus ov EDU,Social works,ENG n Sociology... plxxx rply me,,, "
Name: Fairy
Email: farzana_shali@yahoo.com
City, Country:Islamabad

"ap sb log tension na lo or sab kuch MOLA ALI per chor do."
Name: ghazanfar ali shah
Email: hell_lover302@yahoo.com
City, Country: faisalabad

"Can anyone know about annul exam in 2010?"
Name: Rashu
Email: advancelooking@gmail.com
City, Country:Fsd, Pk

"plz dont take exams tooooo earliar.Dis iz r fucher plz dont destroy r fucher.We want good marks not zero,so plz give us month.Loadshedind iz not big matter,we give HSSC exams in loadsheding and get good marks.I hope u dont destroy the futher of PAKISTAN. "
Name: sadia khalid
Email: zarina@wilco.com
City, Country:zarina@wilco.com

"plz som one can tell the date 4 b.a exams 2010 punjab university.plz plz plz"
Name: amjad
Email: varyaandrewna@yahoo.com
City, Country: mandibahauddin pakistan

"plz anyone can tell me about B.A2010 annual exams date sheet.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz "
Name: sana
City, Country: Lahore,Pakistan

"Can anyone know about date sheet of exam in 2010?"
Name: sara
Email: ainee_777@hotmail.com
City, Country: rawalpindi,pakistan

Name: arun
Email: arunsudheendran@gmail.com
City, Country: punjab

"heyyyy plz dont do this its not good for the future of Pk as u saw the previous result of B.A...........i requested to all the community.....held the exams al a suitable date....thanx....i will be grateful all of u.....ALLAH NIGHEBAN."
Name: Nimra Yasin
Email: ranayasin85@gmail.com
City, Country: lahore

"pu result 2011"
Name: khawar jamil naz
City, Country: rawalpindi pakistan

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