NWFP Schools, colleges swindle

NWFP educational institutions fleecing the parents
Peshawar, Nov 15: Although various departments and committees have been set up by the Central as well as provincial governments to regulate the working of these schools and colleges these street schools are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere and continue fleecing the parents.

No one is ready to take the responsibility of initiating any remedial steps because of the rampant corruption among this school mafia. First of all it is the duty of provincial government to set up a proper permanent committee of educationists and intellectuals to see all the matters of these schools. This committee should have full authority to close down the schools flouting the prescribed rules. The Education Department and the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) have totally failed in solving the problem.

The committee should check the original documents of the school owner and the staff at the time of registration and renewal and avoid any kind of refreshments from the school authorities. The checking of schools should be done unexpectedly and enquiries made from the students as well as parents. The registration of schools should only be granted to qualified, experienced and professional educationists. The teaching staff must also have proper teaching qualifications, PTC, CT, BEd or MEd.

The school owners should not be landlords, businessmen because these are not money earning institutions alone. They have to shape the future of a country by grooming its younger generation and mind you if ever there is any failure the future of the country will be doomed. The syllabus of all the private schools should be uniform like government schools to safeguard the interest of students and all contracts with private publishers cancelled because these publishers are basically responsible for the deteriorating standard of education.

There should also be a proper fee structure which could be paid easily by the parents and it should not vary according to status of the parents. The schools should strictly be forbidden to raise the fee according to their free will. The prices of stationery items being sold at the school canteen or the quality of eatable should frequently be checked and these schools should only be allowed minimal commission in the prices of notebooks, diaries and badges printed with the school monograms The committee should also check the educational record of the school and students ability be judged by the visiting educationists off and on.

There must be a proper service structure for the teachers and their salaries fixed according to their experience and qualifications. The teachers must be provided security of service and opportunities for in-service promotions and training. The schools must be barred from granting admission to students all through the year. The days for admission should be fixed. The schools having no playground, library or laboratory should not be granted registration.

The number of students in a class should be fixed and the condition of classrooms checked periodically. A teacher should teach only one class at a time and not two or more because it is impossible that a single teacher could concentrate on teaching students of different classes at a time. At the time of registration it should also be ensured that the school has enough accommodation for the students.

And these are not in rented buildings. Primary level students can be accommodated in a small place but the students of Middle and High Standard require more space and the registration should be according to the available space. Those schools seeking affiliation with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary School should also have one or two spacious halls where the students could undertake their examinations without any problems.

These schools should also be forced to conduct exams and declare results on the prescribed dates. And they should be allowed to collect fixed amount of paper money. The accounts of these schools must also be checked and forced to pay all kinds of taxes. F.P Report

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Garbage strewn around Pindi schools
Rawalpindi: In a bizarre act, Pindi residents dump garbage in front of their houses and shops and do not even spare educational institutions and hospitals. At times, home industry vehicles and even civic bodies staff including sweepers are seen indulging in the act of throwing the garbage collected from different houses in the roadside nullahs thus causing them to overflow and inundate the area.

Residents of Asghar Mall Road condemned the action saying it set a wrong precedent if the civic body staff meant for maintaining cleanliness spread filth. Astonished by the act of the civic body staff that is supposed to maintain sanitation in the city, those city residents who love cleanliness, keep on complaining to the authorities concerned but their voice always falls on deaf ears.

A visit to the area facing Sir Syed School near Darul Amaan wagon stop can reveal heaps of garbage offloaded in front of the school. The shopkeepers and people living in that area say before they can react or ask why garbage was dumped in front of the school, the culprits sped away after throwing the garbage.

Javed and Farooq, owners of roadside eatery, are the worst hit as a huge heap of filth is dumped where their men cook. Strangely enough, this scribe personally saw them dumping the waste food near their eatery. In this nauseating art, residents of various localities, and shopkeepers and vendors in the markets try to excel each other.

Besides, garbage is seen dumped customarily before sweetmeat shops, bakeries, furniture showrooms, and spare parts stores in almost every part of the city. People maintain the civic body rarely sends team to remove the garbage and also inquire into the matter. The builders offload debris along the streets and they never bother to clear the place. Tiny tots of surrounding schools had a providential escape the other day when they slipped on the filth drawn out in front of the school. The incident happened when children were about to reach the school. A major tragedy was averted yesterday.

Taking note of the impending danger, the school authorities have written to the civic body to clear the filth as it poses threat to schoolchildren. People fail to understand what the civic body administration is waiting for. A month ago, they wrote a letter to them for clearing the garbage which is on the roadside just outside the gate of the school, but without any success," rued a teacher. "The municipal corporation staff do not do the job properly as small pieces of garbage remain at many places, making the roadside very slippery during rain. This needs immediate attention," she said.

Garbage dump in front of a school does not reflect the quality of education imparted by the school, rather lack of interest from the sanitation department concerned. Some schools have good building, student strength and about dozens of teachers. They even have a good environment inside the school premises that actually attracts. However, the scene outside the schools is a complete contrast: uneven footpath with mounds of garbage strewn around, poor access roads and a sewerage line that runs right across the schools.

As if these were not enough, the people living in the surroundings of the school dump garbage on the roadside. The drainage lines have now been covered. However, since the lines are connected to several houses in the area, they get clogged and overflow onto the road often. The news

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Planner of Islamic university blasts arrested
Islamabad: Police have arrested suspected planner and facilitators of twin suicide blasts on the premises of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), sources informed.

Sources said that three or four suspects had been taken into custody from different parts of the country. He said the alleged planner, Z aging between 28 and 30 and a native of Swat, had been taken into custody from Attock last week. He is affiliated with Therik-i-Taliban Pakistan. The source said that the investigation into the case had almost been completed and the suspects would soon be handed over to city police for further legal action.

Two suicide bombers separately struck at female caféteria and Imam Abu Hanifa Block (Sharia and Law department) of the IIUI on October 20. As a result eight persons, seven students and an official were killed and 34 students were injured.

Later, the investigators came to know that one of the attackers struck at the cafétaria was in veil. However, it was yet to be identified that the attacker was man or woman. Evidences and statements suggested that a 'woman' in veil was spotted while acting suspiciously around the caféteria and disappeared after the blast.

On the other hand city police officers neither denied nor confirmed the arrests. They simply said the investigations were in progress and some suspects in this regard were in the custody of the investigators. He further said that the investigators were trying to find some missing links to complete the investigations. They are trying to ascertain that whether the suicide bombers were outsiders, or living in the university's hostel under the garb of students.

Police expressed their ignorance regarding the arrest of university's student and official. However, a senior official of the university said that two Afghans studying in the university were in the custody of the investigators. Besides, an Afghan female student of the university has been missing since the blasts. Dawn

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IIUI delegation visited US universities
Islamabad: A delegation of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) led by its president visited various top ranking US universities recently with a view to establish a long lasting collaboration with these institutions, said a press release issued here.

The delegation visited the Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, Kent State University, State University of New York and Stony Brook, NY. The matters deliberated upon included introduction of IIUI 's academic programmes in the USA in collaboration with the American universities; graduate level programmes; faculty and student exchanges; joint research grants and interaction between faculty members.

Matters relating to writing joint PC-1s and Pak-US funding, targeting various funding windows such as the State Department, USAID, NSF and World Bank were also explored. Daily times

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Navy engineers awarded degrees
Karachi: A total of 143 graduates, including seven Saudi students, were awarded Bachelor of Engineering degrees at the 21st convocation of the Pakistan Navy Engineering College, a constituent college of the National University of Sciences and Technology, here on Saturday.

The graduating batch consisted of 76 Pakistan Navy officers, seven Saudi Navy officers and 60 civilian students, who had been awarded degrees in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering.

Addressing the ceremony, Pakistan Navy chief Admiral Noman Bashir said that the country expected from educational institutions to generate meaningful research which was relevant to our needs and offered indigenous solution to our problems.

He urged the passing-out graduates to dedicate their energies and capabilities to acquiring an advanced level of expertise in their area of education to further strengthen the economy of the country. Dawn

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Lectures at US universities
Karachi: City Nazim Mustafa Kamal has urged the United States to provide Pakistan access to its market in order to empower trade.

The aid money that the US administration used to give Pakistan should be replaced with options for open trade with the US.

Kamal stated this while delivering lectures at Harvard University and Columbia University. He arrived from US on Thursday evening. Daily times

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Seminar held at NUML
Islamabad: The Friendship Exchange Academic Seminar on Chinese and Islamic cultures, organised by National University of Modern Languages (NUML)'s Confucius Institute was held at university's Conference Room here on Saturday.

Delegates from different countries like China, Afghanistan, Sudan, Jordan, Algeria and Palestine attended the seminar. Yang Lianhai, Cultural Counsellor of Chinese Embassy was the chief guest on the occasion.

Prof Dr Al-Difnattur from Algeria, Dr Abdulbaqi from Afghanistan, Dr Abdullah Rzk from Palestine, Dr Abdulqadir Shlabi from Jordan and Dr Zhou Rong from China presented their research papers in the seminar.

Speaking on the occasion, Yang stressed the importance of cultivating linkages between Chinese and Islamic cultures to maintain peace in the world today and for the development of both the communities i.e. Chinese and the Muslims. He opined that dialogue process between the both on cultural and technological exchange must proceed.

While talking to the delegates, Prof Dr Aziz Ahmad Khan, Rector NUML, said that they were aggressively following a policy of understanding each other and for that purpose, the university administration had established the first ever Confucius Institute of the Islamic world.

Dr Abdulbaqi said that the global relations had been effected because of the imbalance in the principle of mutual respect for rights and duties. He further said that the relations between China and Islamic World would bring up an environment on international level for helping to reverse the global policy of violence and to search cooperation between participants instead of securing the interests of the powerful nations.

Prof Dr Rubina said that China supported Pakistan's stance on Kashmir and Pakistan also supported China on the issues of Xinjiang, Tibet and Taiwan. She while supporting her point said that Chinese cooperation with Pakistan had reached high economic points with substantial investment in infrastructure expansion, as Gawadar Port was its fine example. She also said that the two countries had a lot of common culturally as Asian culture as well as Islamic culture had a number of practices, which were similar in nature, especially certain values.

Prof Dr Zhou Rong in his paper said that the cultural linkages between the two different nations were deeply rooted between their people than political ties.

He further said that both Islamic and Chinese cultures had capability to help each other to even much better scopes and dimensions. The nation

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Urdu translation of 'Media in Pakistan' released
Islamabad: Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS), a research centre working on themes of peace and security, has published the Urdu translation of 'Media in Pakistan: Between Radicalisation & Democratisation in an Unfolding Conflict'. According to a press release, the report notes that unlike previously unsuccessful transitions to democracy, this transition is characterised by the presence of a newly liberalised mass media. By highlighting these challenges, the report seeks to focus on how the Pakistani media is effected by, and functions under the conflict currently unfolding.

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Kundi made VC Gomal University
Dera Ismail Khan: Prof Dr Mansoor Khan Kundi assumed the charge of vice chancellor of Gomal University on Saturday. He was recently appointed as the new vice chancellor of the university. The news

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