Punjab annual matric examinations 2010

Punjab annual matric examinations 2010 date announced
Rawalpindi, Nov 10: Eight boards of intermediate education in Punjab including Rawalpindi would hold annual matriculation examination from March 13, 2010.

The Punjab Education Department, on the directives of Punjab Board Chairmen Committee (PBCC), has issued a notification for holding matriculation examinations for session 2009-10.

Accordingly, Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards of Rawalpindi, Lahore, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, DI Khan and Sargodha would hold annual examinations from March 13.

Rawalpindi Board Secretary Prof Humayyun Iqbal said that he had received the schedule for matriculation examination from Punjab Education Department. APP

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Elite schools reopening after long closure
Peshawar: Leading private schools in the Frontier province are being reopened today (Tuesday) after about a month-long closure due to security threats.

Beaconhouse, City, Roots and a few other private schools were the first to be closed down on October 16 for security reasons. They were followed by other schools such as those run by the army, the constituent schools of the University of Peshawar, the Peshawar Model, Frontier Model, Warsak Model, etc.

The government was reluctant to announce closure of educational institutions. But the suicide bombings at the International Islamic University, Islamabad and recovery of a bomb from a girls' school in Peshawar on October 21 forced the government to close down all the educational institutions. The government, however, announced reopening of the educational institutions from November 2 while the universities had already been reopened on October 28.

The leading schools, however, refused to follow the government directives and remained closed for another one week. The move of the schools' management put the parents in a quandary. Concerned about the waste of time, the parents were unable to demand reopening of the schools earlier for they were more worried about the security of their kids.

The government, on the other hand, too, has directed the management of all public sector as well as private schools to take additional security measures to avert any untoward incident.When contacted, Peshawar District Coordination Officer Sahibzada Mohammad Anees said that the district administration had directed the management of the private schools to hire private security guards according to needs of their institutions.

The official said proper check on the schools would be maintained so that the security system could be improved. He said the schools had been asked to install closed-circuit TV cameras on their main entrances and the surrounding walls. They have also been directed to ensure search of all those entering the school - teachers or students - through metal detectors.

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Private schools in twin cities to reopen today
Islamabad: All private schools in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad would be reopened today (Tuesday). The private schools in capital, which were closed after the security threats, will re-open from Tuesday.

Parents and students have been informed about the decision. In the wake of security threats, the private schools had announced extension in vacations for almost 10 days that were scheduled to be open on November 1 and now have made all necessary security arrangements to cope with the threat of terrorist attacks.

On the other hand the parents of the students studying in the leading private institutions on one hand heaved a sigh of relief as their kids were facing huge academic loss while on the other hand seemed concerned over the lingering danger of terrorist attacks.

The parents highlighted the area that needs immediate attention of the authorities in order to avoid any untoward situation. Police have constituted special teams, which are checking the security arrangements in the schools and no school would be allowed to open the school until they fulfil the criteria set by the district administration. The news

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Manpower institute short of staff
Islamabad: Pakistan Manpower Institute (PMI), a state-run institute which provides training to public and private sector employees, is itself short of manpower for the last so many years.

A senior official of the PMI Monday informed that more than 10 positions in the Institute had been lying vacant for the last nine years due to indifference of the government. The official informed that as many as five positions of senior training and administrative staff (three positions in BPS-17 and one each in BPS-18 and 19) and four positions of support staff were lying vacant for nearly a decade.

The Institute, which is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Labour and Manpower, trains more than 700 employees belonging to public and private sector annually and offers 20 different courses on regular basis.

However, the lack of sufficient staff and trainers has very badly affected the performance of the Institute, which was established with an aim to provide world-class training to on-job individuals, the official further said.

When contacted, Director PMI Muhammad Azam confirmed but did not provide answers to further queries, saying he was on journey.

The institute has no boarding facility due to which employees coming from far off areas have to suffer a great deal in arranging suitable accommodations for them.

Another official of the institute also criticized posting of a Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Manpower as Director General PMI, saying the ministry had discriminated against regular officers of the Institute who were qualified for the slot. The nation

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Concept of 'Shaheen' in youth
Islamabad: In a unique bid to infuse the concept of Iqbal's 'Shaheen' in youth, parents and Youth Advocacy Awareness Movement (Payaam) team hoisted the national flag at top of the one of the highest hills of capital called B-1.

The team of young patriotic volunteers led by President PAYAAM Basit Subhani was comprised of students from various educational institutes of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The activity was organised by Payaam to mark the Iqbal's Day.

They enthusiastic volunteers started off their journey on Sunday (November 8) and came back on November 9 thus staying in camps through out the night in harsh weather in order to hoist the flag on hilltop.

The team kept each other's morale high throughout the difficult journey to the top especially during the night as the Margalla Hills is famous for some dangerous species of wild cats and snakes.

The objective behind arranging this event to was to revive national fervour amongst the youth. The event was also an attempt to highlight the concept that Pakistani youth is the falcons or 'Shaheens' of Iqbal whose destinies are to conquer every hill and mountain that comes in their way.

Sharing his experience with the media, President Payaam Basit Subhani said that considering the current terrorists activities in the country, there was a need to celebrate all our national days with full spirit and enthusiasm to build the confidence of our nation. "The passionate team of youngsters also proved that Pakistani youth is strong enough to face all the current challenges that are being faced by our country," he said.

Choosing to hoist the national flag at the highest hill of the capital on this occasion, he said not only had symbolic link with the concept of Iqbal's 'Shaheen' but was also an effort to promote positive activities like hiking in youth of today. "Such sports not only help maintain good health but also keep youth away from anti-social activities," he said.

Basit said that the event also provide an opportunity to the general public to celebrate the efforts and genius of our contemporary national heroes like Iqbal. He further said that youth was a great asset of the nation. "There is a need to create awareness in them about our national heroes and celebrities," he pointed out. "Our nation is blessed with talented and passionate youth and all they need is opportunities to showcase their hidden talent and love for the country," he said.

Allama Iqbal thoughts
Islamabad: Allama Iqbal based his thoughts on the Holy Quran and promoted humanity in his interpretations. He awakened the Muslim from disillusionment and reminded them about their future.

It was said by the speakers on "Iqbal Concept of Welfare State" in a meeting organised here in the memory of Allama Iqbal on the eve of his birth anniversary. Kokoub Khawja, a senior lawyer said that the vision of Allama Iqbal and his thoughts were instrumental in awakening the Muslims from deep slumber which was coupled with the sustained efforts of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that led to the birth of the Islamic republic of Pakistan.

"In fact, Allama Iqbal gave courage to the Muslims of the present era, and called upon the Muslims to pursue the knowledge in accordance with the Islamic culture", he said. He termed Allama Iqbal as the most versified with philosophical thoughts in Persian language.

Hamayon Iqbal Shami, a bureaucrat and philanthropist said on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the great poet that this is an apt opportunity for the World's Muslims to realize the poet's ideals and thoughts which are the glory and grandeur of the Islamic world.

"He neither promoted the Western image of Islam nor was in favor of Talibanization, rather he had painted the real picture of Islam through the concepts taken by the Holy Quran", he said.

Defining the Welfare State with its true implications, he said "Welfare State is in fact happens to be the Islamic State which promises every person the provision of basic rights and necessities of life at its doorstep", adding that Iqbal's all efforts were devoted for the welfare state. He maintained that the original theme of the Quran is humanity.

Dr. Sajid Khakwani, the educationist said that our educational system lacks the philosophy of Allama Iqbal regarding promotion of welfare state. "Sorrowfully, our educational system does not have practical concept of life which is widely seen in the teaching of Allama Iqbal". He said that we should reorganise our system, particularly by taking help from Iqbalyat.

Lubna Farooq, another educationist appreciated the contribution of Allama Iqbal in different fields of life by saying that whosoever did not read out Iqbal, actually could not learn the philosophy behind the creation of Pakistan. The columnist Khalid Majeed also highlighted the contributions of Allama Iqbal in different spectrum of life on the occasion.

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Kidnapping of VC condemned
Islamabad: The Academic Staff Association (ASA) of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) has condemned the kidnapping of Dr. Mian Lutfullah Kakakhel, vice-chancellor of the Kohat University of Science and Technology.

Dr Gulraiz Akhter, vice-president of the QAU ASA, said that starting from attacks on primary and high schools in NWFP and FATA, the callous strategy adopted by militants to target educational institutions reached higher education with explosions at International Islamic University, killing innocent students and employees.

He also condemned the killing of Professor Khursheed Ansari of the University of Balochistan. The QAU ASA demanded recovery of the kidnapped vice-chancellor and tracing the assassins of the professor in Quetta and give exemplary punishment to criminals. The news

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