Karachi University Iqbal Day holiday

KU, colleges closed on 9th
Karachi, Nov 04: The University of Karachi and all its affiliated colleges will remain closed on Nov 9 on account of Iqbal Day, a KU press release said on Wednesday. ppi

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Men teachers transferred from girls colleges
Sukkur: The education authorities have transferred men teachers of girls' colleges and high schools in Sukkur region to other educational institutions.

The education department of Sindh took the decision last week in the wake of an incident of the alleged criminal assault on a girl student by a lecturer in a girls' college of Khairpur district.

Executive District Officer (Education) Sukkur and Khairpur Jay Ram Das has issued directives to 24 men teachers, nine of Sukkur and 15 of Khairpur, who were performing duties in girls higher schools to report to boys higher secondary schools/colleges. Our Larkana correspondent adds:

Executive District Officer (EDO) education of Larkana Syed Rasool Bakhsh Shah said that in the light of the directive, he had asked the district officer of Larkana for urgently implementing the orders.

However, he did not disclose the exact number of teachers to be transferred from such schools in the district.

A source said that another reason for transfer of men teachers from girls colleges and schools was to create vacancies for the posting of women teachers who had recently passed the Sindh Public Service Commission examination for the post of lecturer.

Citing an example, sources said that entire teaching staff of Government Girls College, Moro, comprised of men who resisted posting of women lecturers in the college.

Sources in the Sindh Lecturers and Professors Association said that the decision was taken a few months ago by the steering committee of the education department, but the association had been resisting its implementation. Dawn

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Symposium on vacuum science kicks off at QAU
Islamabad: The second International Symposium on Vacuum Science and Technology organised by Pakistan Vacuum Society opened here at the National Centre for Physics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

The five-day moot, is expected to be attended by 300 scientist, engineers, researchers, university students both from national and international organisations. Addressint the inaugural ceremony, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Dr. Ansar Parvez, who was the chief guest said, "Today vacuum technology plays a key role in many general manufacturing applications, spanning a wide range of industries. In particular, semiconductor, flat-panel display, solar manufacturing, and scientific instrumentation industries have become the hub of recent developments in vacuum technology and are likely to continue to do so in the immediate future. The introduction of the radio and television, both of which depended on vacuum tubes, helped expand that demand."

PAEC chairman said: "Energy is an important aspect in the development of any nation. In view of the rising energy demand and depleting sources of conventional energy, energy conservation, management and applications of non-conventional energy sources have become imperative for a resplendent future. Reduced sources of conventional energy are the challenges among the scientists, technologists, economists and political thinkers."

In his address, Karim Ahmed, chairman symposium said, "Today, the world around us is changing in ways that could have not been imagined yesterday. Science and technology has brought a revolution in the structure of our society. The role of vacuum technology has been extremely important without which the modern way of life would have only been a dream. The vacuum technologist, in today's world, acts as a full partner in an interdisciplinary team of experts.

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Japanese students enthral audience
Islamabad: As many as 20 Japanese school children aged 6 to 15 years performed a lively set of traditional dances and a drum beat ensemble at National Art Gallery auditorium.

They enthralled the audience with Wadaiko drumming and their folk dance performances with a bilingual recitation explaining about their performances.

The Embassy of Japan in collaboration with the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), and Pakistan-Japan Cultural Association, Islamabad organised the Japanese Folk Musical Performance of Hanagasa and Kagura Dance and Wadaiko Drums performed by the students of Japanese School.

Wadaiko is the Japanese name for both the act of drumming in a traditional Japanese style (of which there are many) and the drums themselves.

The name comes from the Japanese words 'Wa', meaning 'Japanese', and 'Taiko', meaning 'drum'. In modern Japan, wadaiko has become more of a performance art, seen at festivals or in concerts.

The amateur performers showcased a folk tradition of Japan by exemplifying their dedication and discipline in mastering a complex choreography.

This musical performance provided an opportunity for the Pakistani people to learn more about the culture and traditions of Japan through their little Japanese friends.

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NUST to build 500-bed hospital in capital
Rawalpindi: The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) with its comprehensive and state-of-the-art academic and research facilities stood first among the universities of its stature worldwide and can be described as the most advanced and impressive institute in Pakistan as well as Middle East.

This was stated by Omar Al-Ghamdi, Country HR Manager Saudi Arabia and Talent Practice Leader Arabian Peninsula and Pakistan of the Procter and Gamble (P&G) during his meeting with Engineer Muhammad Asghar, rector of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) at his office. He commended the extraordinary abilities and talent of the students who participated in the P&G University Challenge for Business Launch Team 2010 and won the competition with their well-propounded strategic planning and mesmerising presentation skills.

While mentioning the future plans of the university, Engineer Asghar told that the NUST was planning to establish a state-of-the-art 500-bed hospital with a research and study centre where 60% of the medical treatment facilities would be provided on charity basis.

During the meeting, the NUST rector appreciated the efforts of P&G for encouraging the Pakistani youth and creating opportunities for them to expose their capabilities and talents. He also praised the format of the competition that not only helped the students utilize their creative and planning abilities but also gave them an opportunity to learn and cope with the crisis situations. Engineer Asghar briefed the guest about the research and academic activities at the NUST campus and various initiatives taken and upcoming projects by the university.

Ghamdi was highly impressed by the academic and research environment of the university that created a sense of being respected in the students and provided them abundant opportunities for learning, implementing and innovating. He was of the view that the NUST was far ahead of its competitors in the country and in the region due to its highest quality of research and education. Engineer Asghar thanked the guest for his appreciation and acknowledgement of the efforts and advancements being made by the NUST and its faculty and students. The news

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