Beaconhouse School System students made to pay for their security too

LAHORE, Oct 30: The management of an elite school chain has started receiving special funds in addition to tuition fees from students for their security after a deteriorating law and order situation in the country.

The move has, however, shocked some parents who say security arrangements should be made by the school management from its own recourses, as it is already charging a hefty amount as tuition fees.

The management of Beaconhouse School System (BSS) has started receiving Rs 80 from every student under the head of 'other charges'. A parent, wishing not to be named, said he was upset to see the column in his child's fees challan form. On inquiry, he was told the funds collected under the head would be spent for making security arrangements for students.

"The school is already charging a hefty amount as tuition fees and under the circumstances, it is strange the parents are being overburdened for security purposes," he observed. He said the move had, in fact, exposed the inability of the Punjab government to regulate the affairs of private schools, especially their fees structure. "It is up to them (private schools) how much they charge as there is no government mechanism to check their affairs. The school is providing quality education but the move will upset the parents," he added.

Another parent said, "Under the circumstances, the school management may also ask for funds for fumigation after a growing threat of a dengue outbreak. "Eighty rupees are not a problem but collecting the meagre amount from thousands of students will make a big difference for the school management," he observed.

A source in the Education Department told The News that most posh institutions were being run by political and influential families, including some federal ministers, and how could the government evolve a mechanism for regulating the affairs of private schools, especially the fees structure. "There are also other issues, like the registration of private schools," he said, adding the students of private schools were also compelled to buy books and uniforms from certain stores.

He said the department had proposed legislation for private educational institutions a couple of years ago, however, no progress could be made. When contacted, Special Secretary Schools Capt (retd) Zahid Saeed admitted the Education Department had no control over fees determination and other financial matters of private schools. "We cannot interfere in their fees structure," he added.

However, he said the department had suggested legislation for the fees structure of private schools to the Punjab Assembly Special Committee. Beaconhouse School System Chief Executive Officer Kasim Kasuri said it was unfortunate the security situation was not good in the country and students were being charged so that foolproof security could be provided to them on the campus. He said only Rs 40 monthly were being collected from every student. "The challan form is for two months, therefore, Rs 80 are being charged," he elaborated.

He said they were planning to replace ordinary security guards with armed security besides installing CCTVs at more than 120 campuses. "The actual cost of security arrangements was more than double the charges being received from students. The actual cost was almost Rs 120 and we'll stop receiving the amount once the project is complete," he added. "Fumigation is also being conducted in many branches from our own funds," he concluded. The News

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