580 students get admission at DUHS for academic session 2007

KARACHI, Oct 2: Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) has finalized admissions of 580 students to Dow Medical College, Sindh Medical College and Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad Institute of Oral Health respectively for its MBBS and BDS program starting from October 8.

Prof. Rana Masood supervising the admission procedure told APP here on Monday that the University had mainly focussed on merit based admissions at its constituent institutions.

"Under this arrangement 416 students have been admitted to MBBS and 34 to BDS program on sole basis of merit," she said.

This was said to be besides 84 students admitted to MBBS and another 16 to BDS under self-finance scheme - apart from 30 admissions on reciprocal seats, made under an arrangement with Liaqut Medical College - Hyderabad.

A total number of 580 students have been granted admissions at Sindh Medical College, Dow Medical College and the Institute of Oral Health Sciences of DUHS and details of these were duly displayed on web.

Dr. Rana maintained that details of each and every candidate was displayed following a process of documents' verification of first 750 top scoring students who had appeared in the DUHS entry test.

"Exact status of each and every student was made clear in context of their merit status and required fee structure," Dr Rana said.

Elaborating her stance, she said those being placed, in accordance to their scores in the entry test as well as marks secured in intermediate among the first 213 in DMC and SMC each were duly informed that annual fee package for merit seats was Rs.24,150.

The 416 students were followed by 84 students (42 each in DMC and SMC) who had clinched comparatively low marks and could be accommodated against self finance scheme - with a fee structure of Rs. 300,000.

As for the 30 reciprocal seats, Dr. Rana said under a set arrangement selection for these seats is made by Liaqut Medical College and students from Hyderabad and other parts of the province are accommodated against it.

Similarly DUHS makes selection of 30 students who may get admission at LMC on basis of DUHS selection.

"Under the streamlined process selected candidates along with their parents were advised to bring along pay orders of the fees and were given admission on then and there basis," Dr. Rana Masood said.

To a question, she said there were also many students who said that they could not afford to pay for self-financed seats nor could manage education outside Karachi and withdrew from seeking admission to medical training.
To another query, she said girls out-numbered boy candidates appearing in the entry test and managing to get admissions to MBBS and BDS programs but the numbers of boys was comparatively higher as witnessed during previous years. App

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"dear sir i have been afull time regular student of dow midicall c.from july 1985 to august 1991 (4233)kindly i need your helb and send to me transcript academic record during that period for my jop in bonn-germany p.o.bost kirchberg-6a-53179 bonn deutschland "
Name: dr. waleed saleh al eadini
Email: waleed_al_eadini@yahoo.com
City, Country: deutschland-bonn

"Salam my name is m.farhad and i am from afghanistan i have passed my fsc exam from Edwards College Peshawar and obtained 78% marks in inter exam from peshwar board.Now bein a foriegn student can i get addmission in DOW.And can you please tell me that wheather entrance exam is must for foriegn students to give ... "
Name: m.farhadhotak
Email: farhad_nice2001@yahoo.com
City, Country: afghanistan

"yes you can get admission at dow on the foreign seat. But be prepared to give $10,000 annual! "
Name: hasan
Email: fearsomefire@gmail.com
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"Dear sir, I am syed javed akhter.i am in 2nd year pre medical.I want to knw how many percentage i have to get for admission in DMS(MBBS field).and as well as knw to how many fee to pay in annual. Thanks... Plz provide guidness to me. I am from karachi,pakistan"
Name: Javed
Email: sameer_dost@hotmail.com
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"hi, i want to take madmission in dow medical college, so whats the conditions to take admission in dow medical college? i m the student of 2nd year (college) plz reply me "
Name: raheel
Email: marinefishing@hotmail.com
City, Country: Mirpurkhas, Pakistan

"i am O level student, shall i go for "A" level studies if keep an objective to get admission in Dow for MBBS. The next option for me is to do Intermediate from Karachi Board. Pls suggest. I have heared that student from A level Cambridge system has to go through some percentage deduction process on A level mark sheet , is it correct? Do you have a different procedure for the evaluation of A level mark sheet as compare to intermediate marksheet? "
Name: Samina
Email: samina@aesl.com.pk
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"due to some bad circumtances I discontinued my education. the then, I was studying in class vii. again I wish to continue my study so anyone please guide me for olevel study. I am 38 years Old. thanks. "
Name: Sahil Sohail
Email: sahilprofessor@hotmail.com
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"iam syed owais gillani from karachi.iam student of 2nd year.i have passed the metric exam from karachi board.basicaly i lived in bagh azad kashmir&i have no domicile of sindh but the domicile of bagh A.K is available. I want to know can i apply in the entrance test for DMC. also tell me what is the fee of MBBS for self finance student.tell me total fee. Anyone reply me plz!. "
Name: owais
Email: s.owais.g2008@gmail.com
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"Hello, my name is Rima and Im about to finish my 12th year in highschool(Im graduating June 2009). I wanted to know the procedure of getting admitted to DOW Medical from overseas. Do anyone know how to get about that? If so, can you please email me and tell me...thank you!"
Name: Rima
Email: coolrima4u@hotmail.com
City, Country: Concord, USA

"i m the student of 2nd year & i wnt 2 know that at wht % admission closes last year?"
Name: maria
Email: maria@gmail.com
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"Regards to every reader, I want to know about the admissions criteria for SMC & DMC for session 2009. I will be really thankful to those who privide me complete informations. Yours truely"
Name: Muhammad Asif Khan
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"are there any coata seats for NWFP STUDENTS ?if yes then how to apply for that seats? "
Name: m.samiullah
City, Country: swat, Pakistan

"i hav passed my inter with 86%.i wish to tke admission for mbbs at DOW but im concerned about the fee.plz can u tell me about the TOTAL fee i have to pay in a year.i would be thankful to you. "
Name: kanwal
Email: nkanwal91@gmail.com
City, Country: khi, Pakistan

"anyone tell me how many seats for punjab prov base"
Name: munir shahid
Email: munir.shahid@live.com
City, Country: Multan,Pakistan

"I have done MSc. in food sciences from karachi university. can I get addmission in DOW? is there any seat for BSc.Hons or MSc. "
Name: fariha
Email: muskan2005_!@yahoo.com
City, Country:karachi,Pakistan

"i want to know the fees for dow medical university for the first second third and fourth year respectively. do they give scholarship and on what marks? "
Name: asfia
Email: awesomeasfia@hotmail.com
City, Country:toronto, canada

"Salaam, i am a student of 2nd yr. i wanted to appear for the DMC apptitude but was worried about the fee structure details of DMC per year. how much do i have to pay for the M.B.B.S/B.D.S yearly? "
Name: Anum Ali
Email: anum_ali_786@hotmail.com
City, Country:khi, Pak

"sallam... m student of 2nd year i want 2 appear 4 the DMC apptitude,can u tell me the terms of admission in DMc, How much percent i hav 2 take in inter and please also explain fee stucture of MBBS yearly (merit) n also self finance i will b very thankful 2 u..."
Name: maham manan
Email: mevirgo7@hotmail.com
City, Country:karacahi,pakistan

"Salam.... i m an o level student. Can you plz tell me how many As do i need in O Level... and i need to know whether i should i do A level or FSC?? can u tell me about the latest prospectus? i will be very thankful to u!"
Name: Sarah
Email: sarahaq_656@hotmail.com
City, Country:karacahi,pakistan

"Salam..i am an O level student and i am interested in studying medical from dow..can you please guide me what should i do for seeking admission..should i do A levels or Intermediate?? I am really confused about the deducting of percentage of A level students..can you please guide me?"
Name: Falak Naz
Email: bad_butterfly12@live.com
City, Country:karacahi,pakistan

"I HAD PASSED MY MATRICULATION FROM AGA KHAN BOARD AND WANT TO APPLY FOR ADMISSION IN DOW MEDICAL COLLEGE.I`M QUITE CONFUSED THAT WHICH BOARD TO CHOOSE FOR MY INTERMEDIATE,AGA KHAN BOARD OR KARACHI BOARD, I have heared that student from AGA KHAN BOARD has to go through some percentage deduction process on AGA KHAN BOARD mark sheet , is it correct? Do you have a different procedure for the evaluation of AGA KHAN BOARD mark sheet as compare to intermediate marksheet?"
Email: smdhsn913@gmail.com

"I am inhabitant of punjab ,chishtian. I want to know that if any student of punjab want to get admission in medical colleges of sindh or any other province then what he will have to do? If there is any domicile problem? I have domicile of punjab Plz tell me about my problem if any reader has correct informations Plz i m worried about this I will b v thankful to him who will send me about my problem Thank u"
Name: iqra
Email: pakezakhan@yahoo.com
City, Country: chishtian punjab pakistan

"salam. i m from karachi.i have passed my inter. i want to know taht what percent is required 4 the admission? and the admission based on % or aptitude? and plz tell me about dow university of health science, that what field is available in this?"
Name: farheen
Email: farheen-farro@hotmail.com
City, Country: karachi pakistan

"salam. i m from karachi.i have passed my inter. i want to know taht what percent is required 4 the admission? and the admission based on % or aptitude? and plz tell me about dow university of health science, that what field is available in this?"
Name: saqlain razaq
Email: razaamir68@yahoo.com
City, Country: lahore pakistan

"Salam.I am frm punjab.Can i apply for the entry test of dow medical college?"
Name: Usman Khalid
Email: usmankhalid786@msn.com
City, Country: Sahiwal,Pakistan

"I have passed my O level exam and now i am really confused weather to carry out with A level or to switch to Intermediate. please guide me as i am very worried of deducting marks for the students doing Alevel.Plz reply soon."
Name: Aqsa Salim
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"hi, i want 2 know wat percent is required to get admission in dao medical college. plz reply"
Name: shafaq
Email: zoreen_shafaq@yahoo.com
City, Country:karachi,pakistan

"Salam.I will complete my Olevels this year. I wanted to ask whether it is preferrable for me to go for Alevels or Inter.What percentage is required for admission and how many seats are available for Alevel students??..Thankyou..Please do reply."
Name: Hira Saleem
Email: hira.net_friend@hotmail.com
City, Country: Karachi,Pakistan

"i want selection criteria in dow medical university"
Name: Syed Shafqat Ali
Email: shaffihesco@yahoo.com
City, Country: Hyderabad

"Asslam-0-alaikum Im Asad Nawab,i want to know about the Admission test cryteria of test in dow medical college for my Sisters Admission.please tell me how many seats are there for inrerior Sindhs Students"
Name: asad Nawab
Email: asadnawabgoraho@yahoo.com
City, Country:Karachi

"Respected admission committee, I just wanted to know that there is a policy for the poor candidates who are seeking to get admission in MBBS to make his/her future & serve to the nation. By the way i am here in Saudi Arabia for the purpose of job, almost every year i go to Pakistan to pass my annual vacation, but i saw that there is lot of brilliant students having good marks and they are not able to get admission either in MBBS or BE, In my opinion "why the admission committee/PMDC or Ministry of Health are not serious to solve this issue that there in Pakistan so many candidates can not get admission in MBBS due to not enough finance" Please be serious & think about those mentioned candidates & try to give chance to study medicine. Really i feel a lot... Thanks for "at a glance" of my brief summery which i observed while i were there in Pakistan. Thanks for being with me.. Wassalam..
Name: Enayat Ullah Sharif
Email: eus_iemd@yahoo.com
City, Country:Saudi Arabia

"pls tell me what percentage will required for admission in dow medical college karachi and what procedure to admission in dow medical college pls send me full detail i shall be very thankful to you for this this kindness pls send me soon i will be waiting for your replying and message"
Name: javeria
Email: javeriaafzal28@yahoo.com
City, Country:karachi,pakistan

"can u plz tell me when the admission forms will come and what documents will be required for it..and what will be the last date for the submission of the form..i also want to know that what percent is required to get admission in dow?"
Name: moniza rehman
City, Country:Karachi, Pakistan)

"i have completed my olevels,can i go for foundation course and then apply for B.D.S in DOW? Will i be able to get in?"
Name: zarmeen
City, Country:karachi,pakistan

"ilike to findout the tuttion fee for mbbs for international students pla lets us know the current tuttion fee structure"
Name: masroor kazmi
Email: kazmi.masroor@yahoo.com
City, Country:usa

"Hi sir assalam.e.alaikum i want to study in dao univesity my percentage is 75% plz give me detail about intry teste"
Name: M.khan
Email: Mehran_lakho@yahoo.com
City, Country:Pakistan gulistan.e.johar

"I wanted to know how i can apply as a foreign. I have completed my studies in the U.S. But know i want to know if am i elligble without taking the entry test and what is the annual fee."
Name: Muhammad Nausherwan
Email: sonmax80@yahoo.com
City, Country:Gujranwala, Pakistan

"aoa. i m a student of beaconhouse school system, karachi,, doing o levels.. being concerned about my future, i have decided to go for medical and ofcourse the best is to get admission in dow.. i am a bit confused wheather to go for A levels or intermediate board as there is some percentage deduction for a level students.. i need an advice wheather to opt for Alevels or inter if i have to get admission in dow... need ur help,, looking forward for ur advice"
Name: Afreen
Email: afreenalam@hotmail.com
City, Country:karachi, Pk

"What is the minimum percentage required for DOW medical college for MBBS/BDS, on self finance & what is the fee structure for the Self Finance?"
Name: Khan Sabab
Email: g114abbas@gmail.com
City, Country:Gilgit

"students from other provinces can apply in DOW for mbbs ? anyone here tell me plz if is there any private medical college in pakistan offering mbbs study for Rs. within 100,000... ?"
Name: abdul munim
Email: abdul.muneim@yahoo.com
City, Country:okara punjab

"salam ! can anyone tell me tht hw much marks or percent is require 4 amission in DOW (BDS FIELD).PLZZ REPLY ME"
Email: zubair.26@hotmail.com
City, Country: KARACHI,pakistn

"asa plz let me know the procedure for self finance in dow med.college. i got 65% marks in my Hsc P-1 would i get admission in dow after clearing your apt test if not can i do this by self finance"
Name: m.nizam ul arfeen
Email: silverhawk_5125@yahoo.com
City, Country: karachi pakistan

"Salam. i am a student of o levels. i have biology in my subjects. what i wanted to ask is, after completing my o levels, what would be better to do- intermediate or A levels? Another question.. how many As do i need in my o levels to increase my chances of admission at DUHS? Your reply will be appreciated. Thankyou!"
Name: Hamza
Email: justforfun.123@hotmail.com
City, Country:Karachi, Pakistan

"i want 2 know wat percent is required to get admission in dow medical college for B.D.S ? and I want to know the fees for dow medical university for the first second third and fourth year respectively."
Name: Sadia
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"hy. . .itz me maya i wana knw tht can i got admission in dow medical colge as i have domicle of punjab???? if yes thn plzzz tell me the procedure of it??? reply me"
Name: maya ali
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"Salam, iam the student of 1st year and i wanted to know how much marks ive to get to take admission in DOW (MBBS field)." Name: sobia"
Name: sobia
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"hey,am Pearl second year student.I want to know that how much marks are important to get admission in DMC"
Name: Pearl Parera
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"Hy i got 913 marks in fsc how can i got admision in dow medical college? Plz reply"
Name: Tehmina mushtaq
City, Country:Mailsi.punjab

"AOA! Plz tell about the fees for self finance seat."
Name: hina khan
City, Country:shikarpur, pakistan

"i am a student of o level,what % should i aquire in my examination,to make my admission possible in dow"
Name: areeb
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"a am a student a level give me any seat *** plz call me sir"
Name: khanzado jatoi
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Name: waniza

"pleas tell me that is there any reserved seat in dow medical for balochistan"
Name: nawaz

"Hi i just need to knw what is the minimun percentage required for DOW medical college for MBBS/BDS? plz reply my query"
Name: zara

"salam .. can any one tell me the last date of submission of dow entry test admition form .. for bsc part I ... pharmacy_field ... plz reply my query"
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"Salam please can Any one guide me about the DOW.. Admin why are you not reply to these students.."
Name: Asim
Email: Asimsheryar@gmail.com
City, Country: Woodbridge, Virginia USA

"I have passed my matric from Federal Board, Islamabad. Which board should I take in intermediate in order to take admission in DOW? I mean to ask which board is preferred in DMC?"
Name: Khalil Ahmed KK
Email: khalilahmed57@outlook.com
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"sir plz tell me what % is requried to take admission in dow"
Name: aisha
Email: kiararajputh@gmail.com
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"Can I get admissiom in dow uni on the base of matriculation?"
Name: zarmeen
Email: zarmeen.ghani@yahoo.com
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"i want to knw abt the mini perc for dow"
Name: ramsha
Email: sweetiegirl210@live.com
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"sir plese tell me... minimum percentage for mbbs in dow medical... c grade?"
Name: sahil
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"i want to know that my science subject % is less than 60 but overall intermediate % is 65 can i give the admission test in D.M.C for m.b.b.s?"
Name: Anum
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"Sir..I got 50% in fsc and I want to get admission in Dow at any department..is it possible?? Plz reply must"
Name: Abeer Fatima
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"hi everyone i m from quetta and i passed my fsc with 74% can i get admission in mbbs in dow uni. what is the procedure for admission. anyone plz tell me because time is less that can i apply on self finance seats and it is compulsory to give dow nts test?"
Name: nawaz khan
Email: nawaz.khan67@yahoo.com
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"Dear Sir, I want to ask the minimum grade and subjects in A levels to take admission in Dow! Plz do let me asap... Can the subjects be Biolog, Chemistry and Mathematic??. I have heard A levels students face difficulty in taking admissions in medical colleges, is it true?? Plz must reply"
Name: Farzeen Fatma Syed
Email: farzeenfatma@gmail.com
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"Assalam-o-alaikm i m in Karachi Board, ma ny 2nd year D grade 2013 ma pass kia ha. kia ma Aptitude dey skti hu ya self finance pe MBBS Kr sakti hn. Plzz meri madad kre Mujhe guide kre."
Name: Aljuher
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"Sir plz guide me about fee structure of dmc & smc."
Name: Ayesha Ashraf
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"Highest aggregate of duhs admission 2014 mbbs and bds "
Name: Fizzu kamal
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"Self finance fee strusture of bds "
Name: Muneeba dilhad
Email: muneebadilshad786@gmail.com
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"Sir, I want to ask that if any student interest to apply in DUHS, but have domicile other than Sindh Province, then what prcedure hell done?"
Name: Shay Noor
Email: shaynoor.shaychiragh@facebook.com
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"Aslamualikum! I am a student of Inter doing part 2 from FEDERAL BOARD OF INTERMEDIATE AND SECONDARY EDUCATION living in Punjab due to my fathers posting here in Chashma but actually I belong to KARACHI so my question is that can I apply for DUHS? If yes, then what is the procedure for application?"
Name: Hassan Ahmad
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"SALAM, I am a student of Inter doing part 2 from Federal Board Islamabad studying in Bahria College Karsaz, Karachi. I have domicile of Karachi and I want to know whether a federal student get admission in DUHS provided he/she clears the entrance exam?"
Email: safashahab4@gmail.com
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"I want to know about the self finance fee structure of MBBS?"
Name: Maheen khan
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"I want to take admision in 1st year in ur college what are the conditions and plz tell me the fees structure?"
Name: Neha suleman
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"I am living in Dubai U.A.E. I wanted to know about self financed seat for MBBS.?"
Name: Sayed Muhammad Hussain
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"Hi i want to know tht how much percentage is required for BDS?"
Name: Rabia Akhter
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"Respected fecaulty, I have completed my FSC. just waiting for result and I want to know about my admission in DOW Medical College. Please inform me about test structure, fee structure and marks of FSC require. Thanks ?"
Name: Fahimullah
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"Sir my intermediate persentage is 50% shall i give entry test for dow university for merit.?"
Name: Sana Soomro
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"Sir i want to know about total fees of mbbs and bds on slf finance? Plzzzz inform as soon as possible?"
Name: Kiran
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