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Entry test for MBBS and BDS will be held on 28th: KEMU VC

Lahore, Oct 22: King Edward Medical University (KEMU) vice chancellor and admission board chairman Prof Dr Mumtaz Hassan announced on Sunday that entry test for admission to MBBS and BDS would be held on October 28.

Addressing students and their relatives at a seminar, he said that total seats for MBBS were 1,935 in all the medical colleges across the province while 129 seats were for BDS students.

Fatima Jinnah Medical College principal Prof Dr Abdul Majeed Chaudhry, De'Montmorency College of Dentistry principal Prof Dr Nazia Yazdani, Admission Committee convener Prof Akram Tahir and KEMU Head of Medicine Department Prof Dr Rifat Nisar Asharaf were also present on the occasion.

Dr Hassan said that entry test structure was based on FSc course and that only Physics, Biology and English were included in the entry test. He said that 70 questions would be from Biology, 60 from Physics and 30 from English section.

He said that more than 4,000 would appear in the entry test against 2,064 seats.

He said that applications received by post would not be entertained. He said that for MBBS, the admission forms could be obtained from KEMU and for BDS from De'Montmorency College of Dentistry.

Dr Hassan said that the candidate could lodge a complaint within 15 days after the declaration of the entry test results.

He said the entry test results would be displayed on the notice boards of King Edward Medical University and government medical/dental colleges of Punjab.

The candidates should bring the following at the entry test:

* Admit card

* A clip board

* Blue/ black marker / ink pen.

Selection: The candidates will be selected by the admission board consisting of KEMU vice chancellor and principals of all government medical colleges in Punjab. Daily Times

Your Comments

"mbbs entrytest result in king edward medical university lhr?."
Name: ali
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"ap ne uet ko entry test ka ikhtiar de kar acha nahi kia. un ko biology nahi ati. aur is se behtar tha ka ap ye kisi School teacher ko deta. Ap entry test ka result dekh kar andaza karin. ur wellWisher, Ali Ahmad."
Name: ali ahmad
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"entry test nahain hona cahaiy.Sab students jo A grade latay hain un ko medical collage mai addmission zaror milna chaye. government apnay students ki tarf koi tawjoo nahain detay.most of student who fail to get admission in mbbs 20% improve 20% abroad 40% change line 20% get admission."
Name: adnan khan
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"ASSALAM O ALAIKUM !!! according 2 my point of view the test is not necessary 4 plz cut off this ENTRY TEST and just admit that person who had the percentage of 70 in the FSC exam.....THANX WASSALAM."
City, Country: MARDAN, Pakistan

"Hello Alls.As far as my views are concern entry test builds standard but there must be loze conditions."
Name: javaria
City, Country: faisalabad, Pakistan

"Dear Chiefminister punjab As u said that we putted up all ways to cheat in fsc then why is there any delay to end up entry test."
Name: Muhammad Imran
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"salam.yar entry test hona chaiy ya na hona chaiy is sai mujhai kuch nahi bas mairi behan dai rahi hai agar entry test katam ho jai to Goverment ko chaiy kai colleges banai takai gareeb kai bachai par sakai aur goverment sai mairi rsquest hai kai woh entry test na katam karai."
Name: Hassan Afzaal
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"ye mcat sirf coruption krne or paisa kamane ka ghatya tariqa hy.ise ban hona chahiye or 2007 ka entry test banane conduct krwane or is mn involve sb logun ko line mn khara kr k gooliyun se ura dena test sirf crammers ratu toto k liye hota ghatya tariqa e intikhab ko khatm hona chahiye.result se test tk k duration mn students jis mental torcher se guzrte hn us k zimadaran ko capital punishment de deni chahiye.or wo tamam stu.. jo achay marks lene k bad b admissn na le sken unhen unite ho kr khub hangama krna chahiye ta k ye system improve ho ske.900 se above marks her leta jo leta hy wo ye deserve krta hy k us ko admissn dya jaey. ."
Name: sidra
City, Country: faisalabad, Pakistan

"dear chiefminister asalam o alikom main nay sona hay ke entry test khatum hoo gay hain kion ke booti mafia ka mukamal khatma hoo gia hay merey khial main to booti mafia 100 percent chul rahi hay oor aik oor baat jo bachay kehtay hain ke hum nay FSC main above 900 marks secure kiy mager entry test clear nai kia phir swaal ye hay ke onhoon nay itnay marks kaisy liay ager woh itnay hi like hain to entry test say kion dertay hain halanke sara ka sara books say hoota hay meri ye ray hay ke PLEASE ENTRY TEST KO KHATUM NA KAREIN ."
Name: Muhammad Ahsan Taqveem
City, Country: gujranwala, Pakistan

"salamz..entry test bohat hi bakwas cheez hai isay har hal main khatam hona chchiya."
Name: khadija
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"Entry test must be conducted bcoz it is completely conceptual students who fail to achieve marks in board exams due to bad system of education must be given a chance to improve."
Name: Waqas Hafeez
City, Country: jhang sadar, Pakistan

"friends agar entry tst na ho tou taqreeban 20,000 students ko admission dena pare.. n i dont think our government can afford that.. ghareeb mulk ki ghareeb government.bachon k future ka kya hai..."
Name: imtisal irfan
City, Country: sialkot, Pakistan

"assalam o alaikum, behave like a sensible persone, dont see only negative side of this aspect.always there are some advantages with dark aspects.......discussion is not this either entry test is good or not.........see and search how we can improve our Education system to stand with developed nations.for this we have to try different alternatives ........sometimes they are good somtimes they dont give positive results......... then those who are against entry test plz post also alternatives also."
Name: ayesha
City, Country: Pakistan

"entry test nahi hona chaheay is woh students jo A grade say pass hotay hain agar un ko admission nah milly to woh disheart ho jatay hain."
Name: adnan abbas gondal
City, Country: M.B.DIN, Pakistan

"SALAM to all.Ms AYESHA is perfectly rite.We shud think towards better ways of enhanccing education level.But in my senese entry test is one element among those rules of education.ENTRY TEST judges our general ability and IQ level.The most important point is that we shud chane our teaching method in INTER level.if the students were asked only mcq in BOARD exams then this wud help a lot 4 entry test.The main reason of failure in E.Test is that Fsc and E.test pattern is 100000000% DIFFERENT from each other.In Fsc students have to cram to secure marks but when E.Test comes,then they find no time to build their concepts.SO if i were the EDucation minsiter then i would have changed the whole secondary and inter level to 90%mcq(logical) and 10% for writing skills,reading and learning Power.ME my self is MECHANICAL ENGINEER in UET,session 2008."
Name: Zubair Khurshid Siddiqui
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"We belong to such country who do not recognize its own degree. Taking entry test for medical college means, give massage to the world that our education system is so pathatic that we do not acknowledge our degree. What a strange country. Sorry to say that."
Name: Rauf Anwar
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"entery test z nt neccesry coz those studnts who gt abv 75%marks should b admited in medical collages.....its injustice to ruin there hard work its a great misery of medical line... i request mr chief minister.. sir plz save us 4om luteray paisa kha k unable logon ko admision detay hn... plz ye zulm khatam krwien...4 GOD SAKE take sm strick step..."
Name: NOOR
City, Country: islamabad, Pakistan

"please tell us clearly whether the entry test to medical universities will be held in 2009 or not? or it will based on the result of board of intermediate&secondary education..... please let us know...please."
Name: Mobin
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"I think Competitive people DOnt fear any challenge.I got 490 marks in 1st year but still ready to take away the trophy in MCAT.So entry test hona chahiye..........."
Name: azeem ahmad
City, Country: Sargodha, Pakistan

"salam... according to me entry test should be conducted because we at the present stage dont have the same system and pattern of FSc all over the country.. and this thing has a great effect on the final merit.. and entry test balances the merit..but we should be atleast clearly told that whether entry test is going to be held in 2009 or not????? "
Name: mehreen
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"we have to compete with th world since i favoured entry test as its the best ay to select cream of the country without discrimination.usualy students depends on ratay so i should be avoided.thanks "
Name: sadiqullah buneri
City, Country:pirbaba buner, Pakistan

"ap ne entry test ki date nahi batai hai plz woh separate kar k bata den thanks"
Name: AAmmar TUfail
City, Country: Faisalabad, Pakistan

"hey i just want to know that why in the world i have to pay in dollars when i also have to take the entry test when i come to pakistan???? and when in the world are you going to announce the entry test dates for 2009 entry test because i need to get my seats done and i also need time to convert my docs when i get back so kindly announce the dates or give some approximate idea .... thanks "
Name: anonyms
Email: --
City, Country: newyork

"ENTRY TEST khatam hona chahiye and admissions merit par hone chahiyen. thats all. "
Name: Uzma Jabeen
City, Country: Sialkot,Pakistan

"Entry test....requires brains not means.By using unfair means someone may get marks in FSC and can come on merit but the same can not be done through entry test.Hence "we need brains not MEANS" "
Name: imran
City, Country: lahore,Pakistan

"What is the age limite for entrance test? Date of test written on university of health sciences is 27.09.2009. on the other hand v.c sahab is saying 28.10.2009. tell us please which is right. "
Name: sohail anwar
City, Country: okara,Pakistan

"the estabilishment of entry test is a real test of intellegence of students seeking addmission to medical colleges i think its a best way to discourage cheating in board exams so its importance should not be neglected "
Name: touseef ul islam
City, Country: okara,Pakistan

"salam... hmm mery khayal main entry test ko khatam kar k merit pe MBBS main admission milna chahi kiun k bohat se students aaisay hoty hain jinhoo nay FSC main bohat achy marks liay hoty hain lkain wo un students ki wajh se reh jaty hain jinhoo nay SELF FINANCE ki base pe apna admission karwaya hota hai jab k wo is kabil nai hoty student ki kabliyat entry test se nai balkey FSC se pata chalti hai,kiun k entry test main to koi b SELF FINANCE ki wajh se admission laita hai or is tarah dosrey student k liay seats ki kami ho jati hai.... or MR.TOUSEEF,cheating to SELF FINANCE bi hui na? "
Name: amna
City, Country: Jeddah,Saudi Arabia

"entry test is must.sub chup kar ke parho ap k comments sy entry test nahin ruknay wala dont waste ur precious time."
Name: dua amar
City, Country: peshawer pakistan

"salam 2 everybody....... i think entry test is da best test im ever gonna know why?? coz they make such interesting questions out of our boring textbooks,that i cant deny giving entry test......comon students...why do u wanna lose this golden oppertunity of testing ur skills,ones you make up a study mind you will defenitely find it interesting.....n remember one thing NEVER SAY NEVER..........!!!! "
Name: fatimah
City, Country: dubai,UAE

"it,s realy very bad to all students."
Name: waqas ali
City, Country: lhr

"Hello! Im dubai based student. Ive just completed (O levels) from the Grammar school in Dubai. Im residing here since the Im born. But now with a large number developments that has been aroused in Dubai have caused very expensive for the overseas to live any more in here. So, Im writing this delicate message with a purpose to get admission in K.E, If I could get. Please anyone let me know, all the steps to possess entry test slips and all necessities required before I appear for entry exam. My views speak firmly on the test rules that has been carried out across Pakistan, Its a brilliant decision to keep away all the students brought with a kick-back/Bribe. Anyway, test isnt a big issue to me. Im very well-practiced in writing tests for many agencies & companies here, because I was already working as part time Data Entry Officer in EMIRATES. But now, my parents cant afford my studying here. Therefore, Im willing to fly Home Country and stay in Lahore. My dad is mechanical engineer & capable of paying fees amounts for my education in Pakistan. As the fact is known to every body that studies are cheaper to attain in Pakistan. "
Name: Chaudhary Shahzaib
City, Country: Dubai, U.A.E.

"i think about the entry test is good for those students that cannot carry good marks approximately 75% is fsc and they get a chance to take admission in ke because of their coceptuial mind .and my request is that plz increase the admission seats"
Name: saba
City, Country: lahore

"entry tests are just bul*****.! in ko band karo aur plz A levels walon par thora reham karo. equilence scheme shld also change. a levels students r far groomed than fsc students but still they dnt get admission in any gd medical universities in pak whre as worid ranking universities offer these students scholarships upto $3000. "
Name: kamil riaz
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"Mere khyal mey entry test khatam hona chahiye"
Name: asif
City, Country: Gujranwala, pakistan

"entry tst jald hi khtm hna chahye.agr nhi to at least ngtiv marking khtm hne chaye.mje entry test se koi msla nhi bss iss me ngtv marking ni hnne chahye.pllz pray that i got admissn in mdicalhehehe.or hrdl sirf entry tst h."
Name: annonymus
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"Aslaam A Lukum,,, i think the entry tests are quite harsh ina manner that ppl wid very good grades find difficulty in gettin admissions.. And its also very unfair cuttin precentages down from the ppl who do A levelz.. as i mite be coming to settle in pakistan,, i need some help in da admission applications because in scotland we do not do A levls or fsc,, we do highrs instead.. With Regards Iqra"
Name: Iqra
City, Country: Scotland

"salam,i think the entry test of medical is quit taugh so plz remove this formality and make another way to give addmission in medical."
Name: iqra jamil
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"hello friends mery khayl mein entry test hona chahea bcz jo mehnt kry ga wohi DR ya ENGENIER bny ga"
City, Country: Taunsa, pakistan

"entry test hona chahia warna gareeb logon k bachay aagay nai barh sakte q k ameer log to achhi academy main admission le kar 1000/1100 F.Sc main le lain gay laikin us bache ka kia hoga jo government collage ki fees b bari mushkil se milti hy .entry test se pata chal jata hy k kaun stdent kis chiz k laiq hai to entry test hooonaaa chahia"
Name: umer farooq
City, Country: lahore ,pakistan

"i think entry test is a better way of checking real ability of students because in entrance test not only intelligence but also self confidence matters"
Name: ali
City, Country: mandibahauddin ,pakistan

"i think about the entry test is good for those students that cannot carry good marks approximately 80% is fsc and they get a chance to take admission in ke because of their coceptuial mind .and my request is that plz increase the admission seats"
Name: rafaqat bukhari
City, Country: muzaffarabad

"salams, can any one tell me the location of any good academies for preperation for the entry test? thanx.... "
Name: Henna
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"salam,mere khayal mai entry test ko khatam kr dena chahye or merit ki base pr admission hone chahye. "
Name: waqas
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

" looking foward 2 go 2 da way,wut kind of preparation dat i need 2 do?do i have 2 learn 2 speak ur language?plz help me.thanxs "
City, Country: malaysia

"aoa.entry test is totally fake and there is as such no use of it.student having the aims of being doctors in the study biology in matric but becoz of fear of loosing in the entry test...they give up and choose other fields.i request the concerned authorities to please pay attention towards the matter as its their responsibility. regards."
Name: bunny
City, Country: islamabad

"i think entry test should not b held. students wjd A grade hav the ability to become a good doctor"
Name: anaya rehman
City, Country: bahawalpur

"percentage required for admission in kemc?"
Name: bini
City, Country: okara

City, Country:PAKISTAN

"maray khayal may entry test khatam hona chaya aour numbers par admission hona chaya q kay hum jasay gharib log 5 hazar fees adda nahe kar saktay"
Name: alilayyah
City, Country: Layyah. pakistan

"i dnt hv any problem wid entry test bt the matter iz back here in dubai dere iz onlii A LEVELZ nd no fsc matric or itz nt fair dat 80% of the test iz based on fsc!"
Name: danz
City, Country: dubai

"dear sindh kay lye bhe seats honi chahiye"
Name: marvi
City, Country: hyd

"i think tere is no need foe entry test for those who had taken a+ grade let a studetn who had taken a+grade and in the entry test he is fail then what is his future i think entry test is s boooooooges thing please is ko khatam kro"
Name: soban arshad
City, Country: Lalamusa,Pakistan

"according to my opinion test hOna chahiye! ager kisi k fsc mai 700 to 900 marks hain to usko test attempt kernay mai koi problem nhe honi chahiye. entry test apkay clear concepts mangta hai, wahan ratta nhe chalta. i have done my fsc from quetta, wahan 1st and 2nd position holders tak ko seats nahe milien, Q? kiu ke unki FSc mai sifarish thi. agr wo unke legal marks hote to mere khayal se test attemp kernay mai unhay koi mushkil nhe honi chchiye thi. Enrty test must hai, thats good. atleast doodh ka doodh paani ka paani hojata hai. agr ap mai guts hain, knowledge hai to aap prove kero test attempt ker k."
Name: maryam
City, Country: Lahore

"in my point of view .entry test is not is not correct way to judge the abilities of students.plz finish the entery test"
Name: afifah jabeen
City, Country: sahiwal,pakistan

"Please inform elegibility for entry test in King Edward Medical College?"
Name: riazkhan
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"i want to know some information on medical,s college,s all over pak private and non private universities."
Name: zohaib
City, Country: multan/pak

"Assalam-o-alaikum! I just want to know that are there any seats granted for the students of sindh in any medical collage of Lahore for MBBS. I would be very greatful if somebody informs me that on my id and mail me! please if somebody knows then tell me i really need to know..!!"
Name: Kainat latif
City, Country: Pakistan

"Asalam-o-alaikum to all friends,i dont know abt the punjab edu system but for sindh mcat and ecat entry test is must for the right of sourceless persons. and plz anyone tell elegibility to get admit in Kind Edward Medical Collage..plz"
Name: Mansoor Ahmed Rahoojo
City, Country: Larkana,sindh,pakistan

"assalam-o-alikum!to friends.i think entry test ho ya na ho is sa koi farak nai parta b/c yaha sirf safarish chalti hai or kuch nai.entry test jst for formality.nothing...."
Name: warda
City, Country: faisalabad,pakistan

Name: Abdul Mateen
City, Country:Lahore

"Some body wll tell me that for 2010 ow many marks are needed for KEMU mbbs first year botg entery test and F.Ss....plz help me...m wating."
Name: malkera
City, Country:Fort Abbas pakistan

"Hello guys, according to my knowledge entry test is necessary for admission to medical colleges all over the world.Then why not in Pakistan?The results of so called TRANSPARENT exams of F.Sc cannot test the real ability of a student . Actually F.Sc is based on cramming. The concepts of most of the students are not clear. They learn every word every line in the book .However, such students must be stopped from getting admission to any professional college. They never raise the questions such as WHY, HOW.These students lack the real ability to become a doctor . The purpose of entry test is to check your concepts,control on nerves and above all ability to manage time.Moreover it is really a transparent testing system.Therefore,the governments all over the world conduct entrytests.In my humble opinion it is necessary"
Name: Hassaan Iftikhar
City, Country:Faisalabad,Pakistan

"entry test ko khatam krna chaiye kyun k ye sirf ek tension hai nd clear nhi hota."
Name: aamir masood
City, Country:gojra.pakistan

"i need admission in this college and i am an oversea student.I have given my f.s.c examination. Please help me out."
Name: Fariah Hanif
City, Country:Multan,Pakistan

"entry test sirf book cramers ky liye hai,aur is say sirf wohi agay jaty hain,intelligents sary reh jaty hian..bht he stpd aut bkwas education system hai pakistan ka jo sirf BOOK CARAMING ko promote karta hai creativity nai banata..pta nai kub akal aye gi hamary ******* ko..ALLAH he inahin hadayat day..ameen.mery fsc main 965 marks thay n entry test main 44%..main ab reapeat kr rha hun..main ny fsc main koi cheating nai ki apni mehnat sy kiye thay..entry test is BULL****** "
Name: Muhammad Salman
City, Country:lahore

"AOA.friend net pe time na waste karte to entry test pas ho jata.entry test HONA chahea.that seperates a real future doctor from.....wese doctor banne k liye KE ma jana zaruri nai.acha dr to whi hta a jis ki practice SUCCESSFUL hti a.har koi TOP karne k lia peda nai hta."
Name: dania rehman
Email: rdania
City, Country:lahore,pakistan

"yes. I agree with ayesha.. I have a better plan. Look, our system is not good. So we should set up a system. There should be merit for student on the basis of FSC result. lets say it is 87%. Those students who secure 87% marks should get direct admission to Medical clleges. And those who could not secure 87% must appear in entry test.. Its very simple.."
Name: Talha Arshad
City, Country:Sialkot, Pakistan

"maray khyal ma entry test hone cheay.q k is say insaan ki zahnaat maloom hoti ha."
Name: Fareed khan
City, Country:QUETTA

"entry test hony chahiye.itz a best way to check the eligible one."
Name: rija
City, Country:faisalabad

"when it comes to entry test issue,,,the material is mostly from the fsc thingx...then what about the alvlx candidate....??so i thnk that entery tstz hould not be given much importance,,,..rather grade should be if entry tstx are there then a combined syllabus basd test should be formulatd..."
Name: somia
City, Country:lahore

"alevel ki seats kitni ha.Agar nai han tu un ko kya app pakistani nai samajty?"
Name: ghazala abrar
City, Country:sargodha

"yeh boht fazul cheez hy.students ko k doran he inta pressure diya jata hy k u have to becom a doctr,he gots gud marks in but fails in mcat,,ssssssssssssssoooooooooooo ssssssssssaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd"
Name: laiba

City, Country:lahore,pakistan

"entry test is the best way to check ability of students"
Name: ayesha
City, Country:pakistan

"i hv got abv 85% marks in 2010 but i didnt get seat in med college.kashmiri students k sath zayati ha"
Name: touqeer
City, Country:mirpur a.k

"kbi to aasan questions de dia krein"
Name: junaid anwar
City, Country:Mandi bahauddin

"Even the student of 60%is eligible for AMC entry test then it should be made compulsory to give admission to student gaining 80%."
Name: Sanaiha
City, Country:Lahore

"meri rai ye hai ke aap entry test kue nahi khatam karte aap ko ab tak khatam kr dena chahiye tha ager nahi to government ko chahiye ke wo student ko entry test ki tyari ke liye koi khaas book dain jiss main se hi sara paper ai ok thanks"
Name: hammad dogar
City, Country:gujranwala

"I have seen all comments it show that students are not agreed with the educational and testing system. i cannot understand that when the govt. took exams at HSSC level then what is the need of entry test? isnt it that some students having resorces and strong finances come on different fields? what is the future of a brilliant but needy student?Plz think about it..THANKS"
Name: misbah umbreen
City, Country:islamabad,pakistan

"hi this is arooba i wanna ask about nwfp seats in kemu how many seats r there?and whts the date of this years entrance test?entry test is very important to check the ability nd conceptulity of the students it should be held"
Name: arooba
City, Country:peshawer

"how much marks are required to take admission in king edwerd?"
Name: aysha
City, Country:faisalabad

"salamzz i want to know that how many seats are there in KEMU for karachi board students and what percentage is needed in KEMU to get admission ?"
City, Country:karachi,Pakistan

"Salam! ...Entry test is just a ******* i wish our Govenrment could know how Able and Intellegent Students are here in Pakistan..well Ham jo bi bol lain kisi ko koi faraq nai parta Inshallah on the Day of Judgement everything will be Clear ..How u people are Destroying Dreams of ur Generations ..ya sirf hamar country main hi hai kisi sur country main ya fazool test nahi hota sirf Grades hotay hain..SO said !"
Name: Rabi
City, Country:Gujrat

"I think in pakistan entry test should not be there, as the competetion among students is becoming tough in current world.."
Name: samia
City, Country: hyderabad

"In my opinion entry test is necessary because the student who fail to get good percentage in Fs.c have a chance to show their abilites through entry test."
Name: prince
City, Country: jaranwala,Pakistan

"aoa. yr ye entry test hona chaey bt point iz this k mjy select karan. thats must. insha allah sary doctrs bn jain gy to patient kn ho ga????????/ think about it, plzzzzzzzzzz"
Name: saman
City, Country: bwp

"SALAM!I wanna ask that how many seats for karachi board students in KEMU?"
Name: madiha
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"a.o.a,Main kahna chahta hun k entry test hona chaheye bcz agar to student desirve krta hva to wo ake entry test to kaya 20 sa b go through ho laye ga ut agar seats ko bacha na jaye bcz lhre main seats sale kr d jati hai es liye khuda ra hum students ke hktalfi mat kia karain or khuda tala ke zat ko yd rkhty hvy seats ko jis ka ri8 ho us student ko de jaye Bundle of thnkssssss"
City, Country:SKP,Pak

"Thanks for letting us know all about the entry test. I am from karachi, sindh and the thing that really discomfort me is the province punjab. How many seats are available for karachi board students in KEMU? Plus how much percentage is required? Hoping for a reply asap. Thank you."
Name: mahnoor
City, Country:karachi

"hi.i wanted to ask that what is the criteria of stufents who have done a levels?please teel"
Name: maaz ali
City, Country:islamabad

"hello friends entry test is good because is me conceptual talented log medical college me admission karty hy aur doctor bante hy"
Name: owaiskhan
City, Country:peshawar pakistan


"Aslamualaikum my dears entry test hona chahea is sy talent ka pata lagta warna bht se log ufm k zarrea bht num laty hy aur test me fail hote hy is sy to talent ka pata lagta kal ye bnda doc ya engg bnega aur mulk kalea acha soche ga"
Name: zeeshan
City, Country:nowshera,PAKISTAN

"i wana ask finance base p koi mcat me admission lai skta ha r is k liay koi seats available hn ksi medical colg me"
Name: nida pari
City, Country:lahore

"A.o.A, mery khyal me entry test khatam kar dna chhye hai and 70 percent pass fsc studnts ko admission dena chahye hai u to jn k 80 % h unhy bh admission nhi milta i cant accept this entry test"
Name: Amna
City, Country: lahore,PAKISTAN

"Har medcl clg ma specl ki ktne seats hoti han or inka merit kia ha?"
Name: Hanny
City, Country: Layyah, punjab

"Yawr, mujhy koi KEMU m kashmir Ki seats ka bata day. Plzz?"
Name: Maria Khurshid
City, Country: RWP, Pakistan

"Matter is not Entry test matter is our education system all over the country mostly in Balochistan and other backward areas bcoz our leaders are not even now serious and attentive to education and its destroying conditions their notions are only limited to their family and relatives for their education and better jobs so due this we are compelled for getting education from other provinces even pm and other authorities are not thinking about this matter They should think about this and take urgent actions on it ......... Alhamdu lillah I have got my fsc from Lahore Pgc and got 452 marks in part1 by roll no#720730 and waiting for part2 result N feeling like a lucky guy Inshallah..?"
Name: Meer Assak
City, Country: Quetta, Pakistan

"Sir i am from fata. Is there any seats for fata students.?"
Name: Muhammad habib
City, Country: Suth waziristan agency, Pakistan

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