IIUI, NU to collaborate in postgraduate education

ISLAMABAD, Oct 11: The International Islamic University (IIU) and National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NU) on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for collaboration in post-graduate education by pooling faculty, staff and research infrastructure.

The MoU was signed by President of IIU Dr Anwar Hussain Siddiqui and Rector NU Dr Amir Muhammad

Under the MoU, both universities would collaborate in the areas of computer sciences, information technology and engineering.

The initial objective of the venture is to allow students of the NU to enrol in the courses being offered at the IIU and vice versa, the memorandum says, adding, the universities would also share all the relevant graduate courses to be offered in each semester.

The idea is to provide relevant information at a proper time to facilitate the students to make better decision. Both universities will give full credit to courses studied by their graduate students at each other's campus.

The registration of students in courses will take place at the parent university of the students who will also pay the tuition fees in their own university. Both universities will depute a programme coordinator for this collaboration arrangement, the MoU says. Dawn



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