IJT has threatened to kill me, alleges PU professor

LAHORE, Oct 12: The Punjab University (PU) Institute of Communications Studies (ICS) director Prof Dr Mugheesuddin Sheikh on Thursday accused the Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) of threatening to kill him.

PU IJT nazim Muhammad Ayub denied the accusation.

The PU professor wrote to the press saying several IJT workers had threatened him on telephone. "They threw a makeshift coffin into my house to scare me into submitting to their policies," he wrote.

He also accused the IJT workers, led by Ejaz Bashir Gujjar, of abusing him and a hostel assistant superintendent.

Muhammd Ayub said IJT workers had not threatened or abused the professor. He said the IJT was a peaceful organisation working for the welfare of the students. Daily Times



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