2nd Indo-Pak Students Peace Camp: 12 Pakistani students leave for India

LAHORE, Oct 1: Twelve Pakistani students will leave for Chandigarh, India, via Wagah today (Monday) to participate in the second 'Indo-Pak Students Peace Camp'.

Mubashir Ahmed, the Centre for Youth Development and Activities (CYDA) coordinator, said that the tour's purpose was to promote peace and people-to-people, especially between young Indians and Pakistanis.

He said CYDA, in collaboration with several Indian organisations, was working to develop relations between India and Pakistan.

He said, "We exchanged a similar delegation in 2006. The camp's organisers will also celebrate October 2, which is Mahatma Gandhi birthday, as India-Pakistan Peace Day.

He said students would discuss various themes including peace and harmony, nature and non-violence, environment and poverty. A mock UN Assembly representing 20 countries would be organised, which would hold discussions on the theme 'Make Poverty History'.

We talked to two sisters who were part of the delegation. Hira Rehman, who is the elder of the two, said she was in the MBA programme at LSE. She said she would speak on Australia's role in South Asia and would brief participants on how the policies of developed nations affected developing countries.

She said she was excited about her trip to India and that it would help the students of both countries to understand each other's history and culture. She said, "This is the time for us to forget our disputes and work together for better relations."

Hajira Hafeez, the younger sister, said she was in the Bachelors programme at LSE. She said she would speak on the role of the European Union in fighting poverty in Third World countries. She said the visit to India would help improve the participants' confidence. She said such visits would also provide the students the opportunity to reduce tensions between India and Pakistan. Daily Times



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