Umme Hasaan denied entry into Jamia Fareedia

ISLAMABAD, Oct 29: Police on Sunday barred Jamia Hafsa Principal Umme Hasaan and around 40 students from entering Jamia Fareedia, a Lal Masjid madrassa, disregarding the Supreme Court's orders.

Umme Hasaan, wife of former Lal Masjid chief cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz, went to the madrassa in E-7 to take over administrative control. The Supreme Court had recently ordered the Islamabad administration hand over control of the madrassa to her.

Police said they had denied Umme Hasaan and her students entry into the madrassa because they failed to produce the deputy commissioner's permission. They said Umme Hasaan would be allowed to enter the madrassa when she did so. Daily Times



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