'KC, LCWU students behind traffic jams'

LAHORE, Oct 20: Traffic mess in front of Kinnaird College (KC) and Lahore College For Women University (LCWU) according to the traffic wardens deployed outside these institutes goes from bad to worst during school hours.

Chief Traffic Officer Ghulam Muhammad Dogar said, "We are taking measures to curb traffic problems in front of the KC and the LCWU." He said he had visited both the points and found that students were the main reason for the traffic disruption.

The Traffic Department has deployed special squads on Jail Road, in front of the KC and the LCWU, to maintain the traffic, but traffic jams have become a routine.

Sohail Ahmed, a traffic warden deployed in front of LCWU, said the traffic police had deployed a special squad on these two places, but during school hours they faced problems in maintaining traffic. "During school hours a large number of vans and private vehicles parked outside these institutes effects the traffic flow." He said. "Carelessness on the part of the students while crossing the road also creates problems for us."

A traffic constable deployed in front of the KC said, "Not the vehicles, but the students ignorant of the traffic rules are a real problem for us."

The KC and LCWU students demanded that the government should construct over-head bridges or underpasses in front of their institutes.

Tauheeda Tabbasum, a KC student, said, "I have to wait for ages every time I cross the road."

Rabia, a LCWU student, said besides three renowned educational institutes a number of offices and hospitals were situated on Jail Road. She said the government should construct over-head bridges to facilitate students.

Nida, a LCWU student, said, "If the government will provide more buses to our university it will be helpful in lessening traffic jams." She said the LCWU had no parking stands so parents parked their vehicles on the road during school hours. Daily Times



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