CDGK to donate buses to KU, FUUAST as goodwill gesture

KARACHI, Oct 3: The City District Government Karachi has issued the substantial amount of Rs 9.3 million for three large buses to be donated to the city's leading academic institutions, Karachi university and Federal Urdu University, in a ceremony to be held next month.

Stores and Procurement District Officer Tauseef Zafar said that the payment has been given to the manufacturing firm and the delivery will be done within the next couple of weeks. "This is a routine matter for the city government as was done in the past by the defunct Karachi Metropolitan Corporation," he said, adding that it was a goodwill gesture.

There were, however, reservations among the ranks of the city government's employees who said that the city nazim should also pay attention to their woes. "During the last six years after the devolution of power under the new local government system (Sindh Local Government Ordinance 2001), not a single penny has been spent on the welfare of the city government officials," offered TM, a low-ranking officer in the Works and Services Department. "Instead they deduct money from the Welfare Fund and from the salaries of all city government employees between Grades 1 to 15."

The city government has around 125,000 employees who work across the 18 towns. A majority of them depend on the public transport system. They are generally unwilling to give their names for fear of reprisal. Some of them said that the city government should start a free shuttle service from different parts of the metropolis for its employees so they can manage.

"As our public transport gets worse each day, it becomes more and more necessary for the city government to start a shuttle service just like the different provincial government departments and private sector companies have." Daily Times

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