KU has 35 holidays during last 51 days

KARACHI, Oct 22 - The Karachi University has had 33 officially and unofficially announced holidays during the last 51 academic days of the ongoing semester (from Sep 1 to Oct 22), resulting as the huge academic loss for the students of the university.

These holidays, comprising on 33 days, including 24 official and 9 unofficial holidays had disturbed the semester, started on July 16, 2007 and scheduled to be ended in mid of the November 2007, which may cause a delay in the semester examination, scheduled to be begun from mid of the November-2007.

The academic session (semester), comprising on 16 weeks, is completed through 42 to 45 classes mostly; although at all the departments of the KU around 22 to 29 classes, out of the said number of classes, had so far been held, according to sources placed at the KU campus.

As many as 27 official holidays were being observed at the KU, including eight Sundays during the said period. Five Sundays were observed on September 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, while three Sundays were also observed on October 7, 14 and 21.

Moreover, from September 5 to 12 the classes at the KU were remained suspended officially on account of the Student's Week, announced by the KU Student's Adviser Office to provide the students an opportunity to have extracurricular activities at the university. Conversely, the KU administration also announced 3-day holidays because of the clash erupted on September 12, the last of the student week, between two rival political students wings at the KU to prevent the KU and students from the worse situation. Moreover, during the said period a holiday was observed on 27th Ramadan (Oct 10), while four days had also been observed on account of Eid holidays.

Following the said clash and minibus incident held on October 13 near the KU, killing 7 people, including 4 KU students had also caused nearly 7-day suspension of academic activities at the university. On the other hand, a holiday was also observed on 21st Ramadan (Oct 4) unofficially on account of the death anniversary of Hazrat Ali (AS). On this day the large number of students observe the holiday country wide. However, the classes on October 17, the first day after Eid holidays, were also remained suspended unofficially because thin attendance of the students at the university.

In view of the recent academic loss suffered by the KU students, the teaching faculty members of the Karachi University have been directed to hold extra classes for their students to fill the academic gape in the ongoing semester.

According to the sources, the university administration is considering to give two-week extension in the ongoing semester, keeping in view of the recent academic loss.

On the other hand, the KU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui has already stated, while talking to us, that there are less possibility to extend the date of examination, as scheduled for the ongoing semester at the KU.

"Usually a course, designed for the semester by the KU, takes around 16 weeks to be completed, but the unpleasant situation had interrupted the academic schedule. To overcome this academic lack, the teachers are being asked to take extra coaching of the students, hence the semester examination could be held on the announced scheduled," he said.

According to sources in the KU teaching faculty, the academic session (semester), comprising on 16 weeks, is completed through 42 to 45 classes mostly; although at all the departments of the KU around 22 to 29 classes, out of the said number of classes, had so far been held. "The clash between the two students organisations, erupted during the 'Students Week' officially observed in September is being considered as a major cause for this loss of the academic session, which will ultimately be faced by the KU students."

Despite the tall claims of the KU administration to hold the semester examination on the schedule, as announced by the KU earlier, the KU administration seems helpless to do so. The Nation

KU to extend the ongoing semester
The University of Karachi (KU) has decided to extend the ongoing semester for two weeks to compensate for the closure of the university due to various reasons, which, in turn, hindered the completion of courses.

Prof Pirzada Qasim, Vice-Chancellor of the university, said on Saturday that a semester usually consists of 42 to 44 lectures and this time at least 10 lectures could not be delivered due to the unscheduled closures of the university. "So, we have decided to extend some time to allow the teachers to complete their course and enable the students to learn their subjects as expected from them," said Qasim.

Classes at the university remained suspended for 10 days in September after four activists of a students' party were killed outside the university in a terrorist attack. The university again remained closed from October 18 to 20 on the eve of Benazir Bhutto's arrival in Pakistan and the ensuing carnage during the night between Thursday and Friday that killed 138 people and injured more than 500.

The students had earlier expressed their concern over the abrupt closures of the university and the uncertainty that leaves them worried and anxious. Many students talked on different occasions and disapproved of the absence of an academic calendar for the university. They complained that the university suspended the classes for unimportant events and the closure was not announced promptly, which created agonising confusion. The News



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