KU teachers concerned over security on campus

Karachi, Oct 3: The Anjuman-e-Asatiza, Karachi University, has expressed concern over the poor security on the campus and demanded introduction of an integrated new security system to overcome the increasing number of clashes between different students organisations.

According to details, a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Karachi University Teachers' Association held here on Tuesday with Dr. Suhail Barkati in the chair. The meeting assessed the bus-firing incident of September 13 and clashes between students organisations prior to that.

The meeting stressed the need to hold all extra-curricular activities from the university platform and ask student organisations to develop a sense of responsibility and promote democratic culture.

The meeting was worried about the increasing tension between different student groups and called for the implementation of a new security plan to handle the situation. It also condemned the robbery incident at the residence of a professor on the campus. The meeting noted that occurrence of such incidents in the presence of Rangers was worrisome. The meeting demanded of the university administration to stop officially recognising student organisations and ban their activities, wall chalking, banners, posters and distribution of pamphlets on the university premises. The News



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