KU to increase tuition fees

KARACHI, Oct 31 - The Karachi University (KU) is going to enhance its current admission and tuition fees structure by more than 25 per cent after obtaining approval from the meeting of the Academic Council, which is scheduled to be held today.

The academic council will also approve the change in number of seats at BS or Masters Levels, made by the chairpersons of the KU departments, learned on Tuesday.

The current fees, being charged presently on account of admission and tuition, need enhancement in context of the inflation during the past years. The admission and tuition fees at MA, MCom and PGD levels is proposed to be increased from Rs 2850 to Rs 3500.

The fees of MSc and PGD in Geography and Psychology is increased from Rs 2850 to 3750; MSc in Health & Physical Education from Rs 7500 to Rs 8500; M Pharmacy from Rs 3350 to Rs 5000; MSc in Petroleum Technology from Rs 8750 to Rs 9500; BS at Faculties of Arts, Commerce and Islamic Studies from Rs 2850 to Rs 3700; BS at Faculties of Science, including Geography and Psychology, excluding Agriculture from Rs 2850 to Rs 3700; BS in Agriculture from Rs 13500 to Rs 13500, Pharm-D from Rs 3300 to Rs 4500 and Library fee, being charged at the time of admission is also proposed to increased from Rs 100 to Rs 200, the source said.

The department of International Relations has requested to decrease it seats from 90 to 50 at Masters level and from 70 to 50 at BS level. while department of Sociology also requested to decrease it seats from 60 to 50. On the contrary, Zoology department requested to increase seats from 100 to 120 at MSc level, Chemical Technology from 25 to 40 at BE level, Microbiology department from 90 to 100 at BS level and from 48 to 60 at MSc level, Sindhi department from 50 to 75 at MA level, and Social Work department requested to increase from 30 to 50 at BS level and from 40 to 50 at MA level. The Nation



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