Four heads sent to KU for DNA tests

KARACHI, Oct 20: The Central Investigation Department (CID) sent Friday four heads found at the scene of Thursday's bomb blasts to the University of Karachi for DNA testing. The Home Ministry has claimed that there is only one head.

Well placed sources in the CID said that the CID police collected four heads from the scene. These heads have yet to be identified or claimed. After the DNA is tested, if a family member submits a claim, verification will be carried out by matching blood and DNA.

Some sources in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said that the possibility of two suicide bombers cannot be avoided and investigation teams are focusing on the issue. A senior CID official, SP Raja Umer Khatab, said that the CID police are working on the case and that they are taking the finger prints of the body parts at the scene. Sources also said that the explosives used in Thursday's attack were the same used in the Nishtar Park bombing and the attack on MMA member and Shea leader Maulana Hassan Turabi. Sources suspected that Abid Mehsood, who is the right-hand man of Baitulllah Mehsood, was the mastermind behind these attacks and that the attacks were carried out with the help of Mufti Ilyas of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

According to witnesses, there was a suspicious man who was injured and brought to the JPMC. A group of plain-clothed men came in, interrogated him and then took him away. Witnesses said that they heard the man saying that his name was Sarfraz and that he was a resident of Landhi, however, the men surrounding him read out his ID card which revealed that he was from Shikarpur. Capital City Police Officer Azhar Ali Farooqui denied that this incident took place. Daily Times



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