Govt wants to end O-Levels by 2010

ISLAMABAD, Oct 9: The federal education ministry has devised a strategy to introduce a common syllabus throughout the country and abolish what it referred to as the disparity of education. The same kind of syllabus will be studied in all educational institutes till 2008 while the O- and A-Level system will be eliminated in 2010. According to well-placed sources, the syllabus for 27 subjects from class one to the intermediate level has been sent to all the provinces and will be effective from 2008.

The education ministry has also decided to impose a common study system in the country by abolishing different types of education systems like the O- and A-Levels. The ministry authorities were of the opinion that the Cambridge system created inequity in the education system. Federal Education Minister Javed Ashraf Qazi declared the new education system as one of the best curriculums in the world while education experts, students and teachers hope it will improve the education standards of the country. online

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"I dont think why gov. is trying to abolish the O Level System.It is a students choice to opt for Matric or O level?Why is the government interfering?Just think about the loss of those students who have already taken O Level and would appearing for CIE Exams in 2011?"
Name: Sarah
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"I think this is just totally incorrect especially for those who opt for going to other countries for their further education as they prefer O, A levels more"
Name: Sumaira Malik
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"I think it is a good decision but it should be implemented just now and dont stop those students who are studying now and are going to appear in examination for the year2009-2011"
Name: aiasha zafar
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan



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