Fire in PU, school, bakery causes loss of over Rs 3m

Lahore, Oct 27: FIRE broke out at three locations in the provincial metropolis on Friday, destroying hostels of Punjab University Old Campus a famous bakery chain outlet in Cantonment area and creating panic at a Halloween party at the Lahore American School.

Punjab University Old Campus fire reduced valuables lying in seven rooms worth lakhs of rupees into ashes on Friday late at night. Rescue 1122 fire service, fire brigade, Edhi Ambulances and local police rushed the spot at 9:45 pm when someone called about fire at Khalid Bin Waleed Hostel. The fire broke out due to short circuit at the upper floor of the hostel and spread to more than 6 rooms. All valuables including beds and fridges reduced to ashes. Fire also created panic among the boarders of the hostel who left the hostel and saw their rooms burning. Fire could be controlled after more than one hours constant efforts. However, exact loss could not be estimated till the filing of the report and no loss of life was reported.

Fire caused by a short circuit broke out at around 7:30pm at a storeroom of the Lahore American School located at Canal Road opposite Atchison College. A Halloween party was in progress and high-profile guests, including American Consulate Brian D Hunt, were present there. All students, their parents, and other participants in the party rushed to the other side of the school when they saw flames arising out of the storeroom. Security personnel and organisers of the party informed Rescue 1122 fire service, the fire brigade and Edhi service and fire fighters arrived and managed to extinguish fire after more than half an hour. According to an official of the fire brigade, furniture worth Rs 100,000 was reduced to ashes. An official of the Rescue 1122 said that fire broke out in the party after someone threw a burning cigarette on the carpet. A participant of the party standing outside the school said participants of the party panicked after the fire broke out and girls and boys were seen crying and sprinting out of the school building.

Fire owing to a short circuit broke out at Rahat Bakery located at Sarwar Road in Cantonment and reduced all bakery items and furniture worth Rs 3 million into ashes. The roof of the bakery also collapsed due to the fire. Rescue 1122 fire service officials said fire broke out at around 5am on Friday. Staffers called up Rescue 1122 fire service, Edhi ambulance service and the fire brigade. Fire fighters arrived at the bakery and extinguished fire after more than two hours. The bakery was burnt and presented the look of a burnt hut. Around six vehicles of Rescue 1122 and two vehicles of Edhi Ambulances were dispatched.

Fire fighters had to face problems in extinguishing fire due to lack of space to park vehicles close to the bakery. All bakery items, accessories of electronics and furniture worth Rs 3 million was reduced to ashes. According to the manager of the bakery, the fire could have spread to the rest of the market if Rescue 1122 personnel had failed to arrive on time. Rescue 1122 officials and Edhi ambulance service officials said that no one was injured. The News



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