Pakistani teachers imparted training in South Korea

ISLAMABAD, Oct 2,: A group of 20 teachers from the capital city completed their training course on Information Communication Technology (ICT) in South Korea.

The group headed by IMCB Principal Waheed-ud-din was selected under an agreement signed between Federal Directorate of Education and Inchoon Metropolitan Office of Education, Korea.

The main objective of the training was to sharpen the skills of teachers in fostering the right personality and creativity, strengthening moral education, enhancing the learning ability for life-long education and promoting learning environment among the students.

The training was fruitful as the teachers were introduced to HANGEUL 2002, a Korean software programme. They were taught the preparation of documents, charts, tables and figures in document form, preparing schedule along with Window Movie Maker.

The teachers were kept occupied by arranging special classes of traditional Korean art and handicrafts for them. These activities fostered the need and importance of handwork in schools and colleges of Pakistan as co-curricular activities.

A team of highly skilled computer professionals and senior officials delivered lectures on their respective topics concerning ICT. There was also a lively and energetic team of highly trained competent interpreters who assisted the delegation members at every step.

The teachers were also taken on a special visit to three prestigious schools in Korea including Bupyong Technical High School, Shinsong Middle School and Attached Elementary School of Gyeonging. App



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