Salam Teachers' Day observed

KARACHI, Oct 6: The Salam Teachers Day was marked here on Friday with the commitment to achieve 100 per cent enrolment in the country by the year 2015.

This was the part of the International Teachers' Day being observed on Friday.

Various programmes highlighting the teachers' role and importance of the occasion were also organised.

The World Teachers' Day represents a significant token of the awareness, understanding and appreciation displayed for the vital contribution that teachers make to education and development.

The National Commission for Human Development in collaboration with District Education Departments in 23 programme districts of Sindh jointly celebrated the 'Salam Teacher Day' to pay respect and tribute to the teaching community of the country for their selfless role in nation building.

Banners highlighting the importance of teachers' role and their due contribution to society were displayed on the main entrances in cities and towns of throughout the 21 programme districts.

Similarly, seminars at Districts and Taluka level were arranged throughout program districts, wherein district Nazims/Naib Nazims, DCOs/EDOs, educationists, civil society representatives and teachers participated. The best teachers' awards/certificates were also presented to best teachers to appreciate their extraordinary efforts.

The Senior General Manager National Commission for Human Development, Sohail Rajput, while addressing a "Salam Teacher Day" acknowledgment gathering said the teachers have the pivotal role in any education system and the role of teachers at primary, secondary, high and university level. He said National Commission for Human Development was committed to ensure 100% enrollment by the year of 2015 , also trained the teachers so that they could play their role more effectively in increasing literacy rate.

"There is need to march forward as an educated and disciplined nation to meet the future challenges", Rajput stressed that the teachers are important and integral part of promoting and providing education, therefore, the teachers should be given due respect and distinction.

"I beseech all to vow and pledge on this day that in our every gesture in life, we will respect teachers and give them their well-deserved eminent status, as the true builders of Pakistan", he said.

Sohail Rajput further said that importance of quality teachers in providing quality education to children and in this way working towards sustainable development has been acknowledged throughout the world. Through their daily work, teachers make a tremendous contribution to sustainable development by building its human foundation - developing a child's capacity and desire to learn.

The quality theme, launched initially in 2004 by UNESCO and ILO, covers a wide range of issues of crucial importance to both teachers and learners worldwide. In this context, World Teachers Day provides the perfect opportunity for educationist and education supporters to lobby their governments to release the necessary financial and human resources for a true quality education for all.

He said that better teaching conditions are necessary, because they mean better learning conditions for learners.

Quality education for all cannot be achieved without improving schools and teachers working conditions. App



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