HEC plans to curb mushrooming of substandard universities

Karachi, Oct 29: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has denied any plans to convert existing colleges into full-fledged universities. Instead, it is has informed that some universities are going to be denied their university status and will be given college status, depending on whether or not they fulfil certain criteria.

The Chancellors Committee, headed by President General Pervez Musharraf with the prime minister, the four governors, and the four chief ministers as its members, had decided to stop substandard universities from popping up by granting charters on the condition that an adequate number Ph.D. faculty members are available. It was, therefore, decided to close down institutions that do not meet the minimum Cabinet criteria, and to not give charters to new institutions unless adequate PhD level faculty is assured. ppi

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"HEC must be closed by the Govt.. It is used less body! People there are only drawing salaries of MP1, with allowances their salary become more than 400, 000. Country like Pakistan cannot afford such lavishness."
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