Noted poet Surwech Sujawali passes away

THATTA, Oct 23: Renowned poet Muhammad Siddiq Surwech Sujawali expired after protracted illness in his native village Surwech Nagar near Sujawal on Monday. He was 80.

Surwech suffered from various chronic diseases and was bedridden since his young son and poet Sangi Sujawali died early this year. He was buried in his ancestral graveyard. The funeral was largely attended.

Surwech was widely respected by all sections of society. A collection of his poetry has also been published.

He used to recite his revolutionary poetry in public gatherings of almost all noted politicians and leaders including GM Sayed, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Fazil Rahu, Mumtaz Bhutto and others.

He also wrote and recited Sindhi nationalist poetry during Gen Ayub Khan's tenure when the general made 'One Unit'. Surwech was jailed several times during the tenure of Gen Ziaul Haq.

District Nazim Syed Shafqat Husain Shah Shirazi had been looking after his treatment in Karachi and later in his village. The Nazim has declared a one-day holiday on Tuesday throughout the district to mourn the death of Surwech. The News



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