Lack of writing keeps people stumbling: KU VC

KARACHI, Oct 31: Despite several years of experience, the culture of writing is rarely present among local professionals, which is why we lack the abilityto handle unexpected situations, said University of Karachi (KU) ViceChancellor Prof. Dr Pirzada Qasim at the launch of 'The Day the MountainMoved -International Perspectives on Psycho Trauma' on Monday evening.

The book has been edited and compiled by senior psychiatrist Dr Unaiza Niazthrough the platform of the Institute of Psycho-Trauma Pakistan and published by SAMA Publications.

"The promises made to certain people were not fulfilled which lead them towards anxiety and psychiatrists and politicians," he said, appreciating Niaz for sharing her knowledge and experience through her book and extending first-hand help to those who experience psychiatric trauma.

He referred to a series of work including 'Mental Health among Women,' 'Psycho-Social Profile of Pakistani Women' and 'Emerging Image of Pakistani Women' compiled in collaboration with KU.

This work was published at a time when the management of psychiatric consequences of disasters is largely overlooked. The film was screened at the start of the programme was well-documented and made many people realise the impact of the earthquake on the mental, psychological and emotional state of victims and others who witnessed it. Prof. Haroon Ahmed of Pakistan Psychiatric Society extensively discussed different chapters of the book. He particularly referred to the relevance of art and play for the child victims and survivors of the earthquake, particularly in the absence of an adequate number of psychologists and psychiatrists in the country.

The interpretation of painting and drawings made by the victims or survivors of any disaster could not be left to the amateur.

Art classes were necessary at all schools across the country as this medium could help children effectively express their emotions without any risk of being suppressed or forced to resort to violence. Dr Moadid Rana, another known psychiatrist of country, appreciated the writer's suggestion for developing evidence in medical or psychiatric ailments but felt it was too early to have any success in such an initiative.

Ahmed and Rana verified the observation made by Niaz that the devastation caused by October 8 earthquake reflected the most positive aspect of the nation, as people from all over the country united to help the victims. The Institute of Psycho Trauma was a project of the Pakistan Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.

Qasim also recited Niaz's poem related to the earthquake, which occurred two years ago. App



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