Karachi SSC part-I science examination results 2009

Karachi SSC-I science examination results announced
Karachi, Oct 10: The Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) has announced the most awaited results of SSC Part-I, Class IX, (Science Group), annual examination 2009 on Friday.

As many as 86115 students cleared all the five papers out of 116, 870 who appeared in the examination while 16, 602 candidates could only pass four papers. According to the result 7, 831 students could clear three papers whereas 3, 598 only passed two papers.

The data complied by the BSEK Officials mentioned that among 65,635 male candidates that appeared in the examination, 45, 746 students cleared all five papers with pass percentage 69.70 per cent whereas 9, 950 students could pass four papers with 15.16 per cent while 5, 220 candidates cleared three papers. Meanwhile, 2, 572 and 1, 401 students only passed two papers and one paper respectively.

On the other hand, 40, 369 female candidates cleared all five papers with pass percentage 78.79 per cent while 6, 652 candidates could only pass four papers with 12.98 per cent whereas 2, 611, and 1, 026 candidates declared passed in three, and two papers respectively. However 371 candidates could only clear one paper.

The result of 41 candidates would be decided later when cases of 'resorting to unfair means' would get clearance, Controller of Examinations, BSEK, Kalim Asghar Kirmani, said. He said that the results of 100 students have been with-held for the 'want of correct information', adding that, the mark sheets will be issued after two weeks.

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Karachi SSC Part-I (Class IX) science general examination forms
Karachi: The examination forms of SSC Part-I (Class IX) annual examination 2010 Science and General Group (Regular and Private) would be accepted from October 15th, 2009, Controller of Examination, Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK), Kalim Asghar Kirmani announced on Friday.

He said that no late fine would be charged from October 15th to October 21st, while a late fine of Rs100 would be charged from November 23rd to December 8th.

He said the examination forms would be available from National Bank of Pakistan, Habib Bank Ltd. and Askari Commerical Bank, Board Office Booths and also from Examination Store of the Board from October 12th against the payment of cost of forms through pay order in favour of the Secretary, BSEK.

Kirmani added that a late fine of Rs200 would be charged from December 9th, to December 24th, and the fine would keep increasing till a fine of Rs1,500 would be charged from January 27th, 2010 to January 30th.

Meanwhile, Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad has authorised the Education Board to accept the enrollment forms of SSC without late fees up until October 17.

Students who have already paid the late fee are advised to get a refund from the relevant department, according to a Governor's House press release.

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KU announced convocation for the regular students
Karachi: Registrar University of Karachi Prof. Muhammad Raees Alvi has announced that the annual convocation for the regular students (under the semester system) of the University is expected to be held in December in order to confer degrees to the candidates who have passed Bachelors, B.S, Pharm-D, Masters and M-Pharm in the year 2008.

Those who have obtained their M.S, M.D, M.Phil, Ph.D, D.Litt, D.S.C in the year 2008-2009 would also be conferred degrees.

The candidates are advised to apply for the registration to the annual convocation on the prescribed application form. The forms could be downloaded from the university's website and would also be available at the convocation camp office, Silver Jubilee Gate from 12th October, he said.

Duly filled forms with the required documents would be received at the convocation camp office along with the prescribed registration and degree forms, with fees to be deposited at the banks branch at the Silver Jubilee Gate after the endorsement by the camp office, during 10am to 1pm and on Friday 10am to 12pm till 24th October 2009.

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Theatre integral to better learning
Karachi: The arrival of Dr Kanta Kochhar Lindgren as the first US cultural envoy to the city heralded the return towards developing cultural diplomacy between US and Pakistan after a period of 30 years.

"It is a double honour, first to be in Pakistan and then to be able to interact with the people here," Lindgren said. "I think that theatre and dance are integral to better learning. Having said that, theatre is a means for increasing the level of empathy in society, while arts help a person go deeper into an academic subject and get a better understanding of whatever he or she is learning via the tool of role-play," she said.

Lindgren said that she arrived in Pakisatn to work with a local theatre group, Thespianz Theatre, on a play titled 'Water', which depicted the worth of water in the arid centres of Sindh. The play was staged on October 4 and October 5 at the Pakistan American Cultural Centre (PACC), and made for interesting viewing.

The professor was initially invited by Faisal Malik to be part of a collaborative project with Thespianz Theatre, but she had to assume the responsibility of a representative of the United States soon after her arrival.

An associate professor in the department of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at the University of Washington, Dr Kochhar Lindgren has been conducting workshops on performing arts at the National Academy of Performing Arts, the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, the American School and the ABSA School for the hearing impaired. In her workshops, Dr Kochhar teaches the students about dance techniques and performance styles.

Lindgren observed that the arts field was struggling in the US as well, and said that while for some forms of art it is essential to maintain an apprentice form of learning, it was also possible to simulate apprenticeship in a university environment. "Each of us (Science and Arts) has parts of the answer, and we need to bring them together," she said.

Having had an enriching experience while working with theatre and dance performers in the city, she concluded that there was a need for greater collaboration and more partnerships between universities in the United States and Pakistan. "From what the people here have told me, they need more opportunities to work and learn about different theatre practices".

Though her short trip would end soon, she hopes to be back someday to work with the students at ABSA School, and with the teachers of public school to make a production and impart training in the art of theatrics. The news

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