Karachi secondary board part-I (science group) results 2009

Karachi SSC part-I results for science group annual exams 2009
Karachi, Oct 4: The controller of examinations of the Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) will announce the results of the SSC part-I (Class IX) science group annual exams-2009 on Friday, Oct 9, at 9am.

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"Isnt it already WAY TOO LATE?? What the hell have these people been doing?? The 10th graders finished just few days before them, and their result came long time back. I just hate these ****** Govt. ********. ."
Name: Usman
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"Thanks to all might Allah that my sister was pass in a grade"
Name: m yaseen akber
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"Thanks to all might Allah that my sister was pass in a grade"
Name: m yaseen akber
Email: myakber@yahoo.com
City, Country: Karachi

"Plz koi 9th Ka Result bta dein Ya send Krdein My Roll No Is 10917"
Name: Azher
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Name: haris
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"I think today is 9th october but no result has been displayed yet!!!which means that the result is not going to be announced today ******* GOVERNMENT! I HATE THIS"
Name: Osaid
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"jab government se nafrat hai tou papers kyu dye is board se?"
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"yar result kb ae ga ix ka 9 am ka bola tha lekin nhi aya"
Name: uzair
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"how much time i wait for s.s.c part 1 science group 2009 results"
Name: syed razi
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"ab bataya bhe doo ke result kb aeega bht tension horah hai aaj tu result announced bhe hogaya hai but net mei aaya he"
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"BSEK Examination Controler must be changed immediately"
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"Thanks GoD mene to socha tha 2010 mai ayega result"
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"Guys result has been come today!! Best of luck"
Name: Yaf
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"Shit! why delay? Its already 2 late Huh?"
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"abey nahi itnay asaan to paper they"
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"give me result of science group ssc part 2 2009"
Name: kabeer
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FUUAST submission submission for morning evening semester programmes
Karachi: The controller of examinations of the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST), Karachi, announced on Saturday dates for the submission of forms for evening and morning semester programmes.

The forms of BS, MCS, BSc (regular and private) of morning semester programmes could be obtained from the National Bank Urdu University Branch from Oct 5 and could be submitted at the respective departments.

The forms of BSc (honours), BS, MCS and MSC of the evening semester programme could be received from the UBL Baitul Mukarram Mosque Branch, Gulshan-i-Iqbal, and could be submitted at the respective departments.

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FUUAST seminar on the teachers role
Karachi: The Federal Urdu University will organise a seminar on the "Role of teachers and their problems" on Oct 5 at 10am on its premises.

The symposium will be presided over by Dr Hussan Waqar Gul while Dr Riaz Ahmed, Dr Tauseef Ahmed Khan and Dr Waseemuddin will also spoke. Dawn

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Sindh asked to adopt Punjab's education policies
Karachi: Policymakers have suggested that the Sindh education department adopt some policies similar to that of the Punjab education department in order to increase the literacy rate across Sindh.

"We can implement some policies, especially those which are based on similar problems faced by all provinces. It would help in overcoming issues and also bring good results," sources in the department said.

After pinpointing the problems in the Sindh education system and comparing it with the pattern implemented in Punjab, the Sindh education department has asked Chief Secretary Fazul Rehman to approve their suggestions, which, according to them, will help increase the literacy rate throughout the region.

The suggestions include that 30 per cent of the initial basic pay should be given as backward area allowances to the teaching workforce to keep them motivated. Out of this, 25 per cent should be given to reduce the effect of conveyance allowance and corporation allowance, while the remaining five per cent should be given for motivation, the report suggests.

The education department also asked the chief secretary to allow them to give three increments for teachers who have acquired higher professional qualifications.

The department suggested that teachers serving in areas where 30 per cent house rent is available should try to get their selves posted in areas where 45 per cent house rent is offered.

The report suggests that teaching faculty members should be given new pay scales and the teaching cadre of Primary School Teacher (PST) and others which currently exists at BPS-7/9 scale should be upgraded to a BPS-14 scale, adding that junior school teachers (JST) and other equivalent posts which are nowadays in BPS-9 to 14 should be increased to a BPS-15. Higher secondary teachers (HST), along with people from other equivalent posts, have been asked to get promoted to a BPS-16 scale.

The performance of teachers can be measured as per Key Performance Indicators (KPI) so that those who have acquired the necessary KPI may be given two increments for a year, it further stated.

There are 139,647 teachers in schools who are working in BPS-15 to BPS-17 scales, while a total of 9,464 educators are teaching at colleges, working as professors, associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers in a BPS-17 to BPS-20 scale, the report added. The report also states eye-opening facts, such as how that there are 11,800 schools with just one room where only one teacher is available for teaching students from grades 1 to5.

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Classical Urdu classes at Alliance Francaise
Karachi: A new course in Classical Urdu will begin from Wednesday at the Alliance Francaise.

The course will be taught from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm every Wednesday by Dr Muhammad Xaigham, a medical doctor by training but recognised for his excellence in speaking and writing Urdu.

Dr Xaigham explained that although he has a medical degree, his love for Urdu language and literature has no bounds. "I was a student of Urdu literature and read most classical Urdu Literature. I am very particular when it comes to speaking the language. I never mix English with Urdu while I speak," he said.

He said that he was supposed to teach students from the works of classical Urdu poets such as Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, Mir Taqqi Mir, Abdul Hameed Adam and Allama Mohammed Iqbal. Urdu humourists Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui and Mushtaq Yousufi, who according to him have command over the language and use the best possible words, their works would be taught to make students familiar with Urdu prose. "I have included communication skills and orientation of literary heritage as the centre point of my course, but I would also teach a short history of the philosophers, kings, queens and men of letters. All of these will reach my students in pure and unadulterated Urdu. I mean business," he said.

Alliance Francaise Director Alexandre Techikovani said that they are keen to present a multicultural scenario in the metropolis and it would be one of the best gifts from their centre to the people of Karachi. "Please allow me tell you that Urdu in spoken form is dying in Pakistan. My long stay at the city has given me ample opportunity to observe this phenomenon. The channels are full of talk that contains half Urdu and half English. The tickers on the TV screens show the wrong Urdu spellings. We have decided to do something to rectify this situation. The idea of the Classical Urdu teaching came to our mind. We want to have our share in reviving the language that is one of the best in the world," he said. The news

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Literature can expose terrorists
Hyderabad: President Asif Ali Zardari has said that terrorism is being operated on the country's land for the last 20 years and its operators have hid themselves in layers of disinformation but the day will come when literature will expose them.

In a message read out at the opening session of a two-day international conference on Shamsul Ulema Mirza Kalich Baig, he said literature was the science of life which could help people find the root cause of problems and their solutions.

He said that the ongoing fight against humanity was based on disinformation; causes and effects were being managed artificially to avoid basic problems of life. He said solution to that problem was to provide people with true and correct information.

"Literature is most effective source to expose truth and defeat disinformation system of enemies of life," he said.

He said Mirza Kalich Beg was a scholar, creative writer and poet of high imaginations. He acquired an international reputation by virtue of most valuable literary work. Dawn

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