Women representation in the CSS examinations

Women clearing CSS complain of marginalisation
Islamabad, Oct 26: They say that educated women can raise a developed nation. But the sad reality is that obstacles, many deeply rooted in our society, remain there to block women's full participation in most of the fields, particularly in the government.

Yet again, educated women seemed to have been "unfairly" dealt with during the recent Central Superior Service (CSS) examinations.

Some of the girls, who excelled in the 2008 exams, believed that women representation in the CSS appointments were grossly disfigured in the male to female ratio. Out of the 4,247 who appeared in the CSS examinations, only 157 females qualified and passed the exam.

"Of these 157, only 57 have been selected for civil service," said one candidate who cleared both written exam and the interview but was still not allocated a position in the government.

A record number of 445 vacancies were conveyed to the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). But the commission did not allocate 88 vacancies due to "non-availability of suitable candidates."

According to a CSS instructor with a private academy, "This appears to be the highest of injustice because both vacancies and qualified candidates, especially girls are available. Boys securing positions in the 600s (rankings) have been appointed to the best groups. But girls securing positions in the 200s and 300s have been left out."

The instructor, a CSS officer himself, also pointed out provincial disparities, where lowest of the lowest scoring Sindhi candidates were allocated good groups.

A female candidate with a bright record throughout her academic career was also refused an opportunity to serve her country as a civil servant despite passing the CSS examination.

She said: "So much so, PM (prime minister) of Pakistan was generous enough to allocate 28 extra seats to the Balochs in addition to their quota. Why can't the PM extend the same generosity to the bright female candidates, who make up 50 per cent of the country's population but yet denied due representation"?

"If they do not find us suitable then what exactly are they looking for? How do they find boys from Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP and AJK with such low positions (on the rankings) to be more suitable than us for the best of groups," questioned another candidate.

According to an official in the Cabinet Division, "This is one country and specially the present government, which boasts of having one of the best female leaders of the world. It gives hope that women can also enter the mainstream and make a difference. But such unjust results disappoint and discourage women to make headways, and spread the impression that these exams are not as transparent as they are meant to be."

Female candidates believed that if anything, women should be given extra attention since they made up 50 per cent of the population the current statistics of the world demanded this. In every field of the world the need to promote women had become more and more obvious so why not in the civil service of Pakistan.

Getting answers out of FPSC was an arduous task. No senior official cooperated "to preserve the sanctity of the only credible department in the country."

Nonetheless, one senior official summed it up by saying: "88 seats have been left empty. There just weren't enough suitable candidates." Dawn

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"im thinking after reading the terms n conditions of css that y there is so low chances of success,even baord of commision may disqualify any one in interview with out solid reason,many students donnt want to appear or try thier luck coz its much difficult they even frightend with the name of css ."
Name: saim
Email: sans_awan786@yahoo.com
City, Country: lahore

"there is 10 quota for women in css, unfortunately women cannot avail this opportunity specially of rural areas because of poor standard of education in country, rigid policies of fpsc,upper age limit of 28 years.In remote areas ,women r facing various hurdles in achieving higher education so fpsc and government should take some pragmatic measures to bring the women in empowerment otherwise it looks a joke to fix a quota seats which remain which remain unfilled."
Name: dr shaista
Email: drsjumani@yahoo.com
City, Country: karachi, pakistan

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NIP sent 24,139 applications to HEC for verification
Islamabad: National Internship Programme (NIP) has sent 24,139 applications to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for verification to induct young graduates in its third batch.

The last date for the submission of application forms is November 10, and 26,408 online applications have been received so far, said Director General NIP Ashiq Hussain Abbasi in an interview.

He said out of the received applications, 18,338 male and 8,070 female graduates have applied to get benefit from the Programme. The applicants who applied for NIP include 10,445 from Punjab, 397 from the federal area, 8,986 from Sindh, 5,211 from NWFP, 249 from Balochistan, 488 from FATA, 272 from Northern Areas and 360 from Azad Jammu & Kahsmir.

Ahsiq Hussain informed that the government has already announced a Special Internship Programme for the graduates of Malakand Division, giving them relaxation in the upper age limit to 27 with a minimum qualification of a graduation degree. The last date for the Special Internship Programme for the areas of Swat, Upper and Lower Dir, Shangla, Chitral, Buner, and Malakand is October 31.

He said 6,300 applications, including 5,163 from males and 1,137 from females, have been received for the Special Internship Programme, and added that 3,000 applications have been forwarded to HEC for verification. The DG said that 1,690 students from Malakand, 1,780 from Swat, 437 from Buner, 234 from Shangla, 401 from Upper Dir, 1,381 from Lower Dir, and 383 students from Chitral have applied so far.

Giving details of the selection process, he said the applications are scrutinised by sending them to HEC for degree and institution verification while other relevant particulars of an applicant are verified through Nadra by paying it a fee of Rs10 per application. He said HEC is carrying out the verification in close coordination with the relevant institutions. The news

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Educational institutions reopening after being closed down last week
Islamabad: Educational institutions across the country are reopening today (Monday) after being closed down last week over security concerns.

The federal and provincial governments had ordered closure of all educational institutions after terrorists struck the International Islamic University Islamabad last Tuesday. Following the attacks, the government had directed security agencies and concerned departments to take steps to ensure foolproof security at educational institutions across the country.

The decision to reopen schools and universities was taken in a meeting, chaired by Interior Minister Rehman Malik, of vice chancellors of various universities on Saturday. Daily times

AAUR reopens today
Rawalpindi: Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) will reopen today (Monday) and regular classes would be started according to the schedule, the spokesman of the university said here on Sunday.

PMAS-AAUR spokesman Musa Kalim said the decision to this effect was taken in a meeting held under the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Khalid Mahmood. All deans and directors also attended the meeting.

The meeting decided that all staff members and students would have to show university cards while entering into the university premises and students living in the hostels would not be allowed to provide stay to any outsider.

The participants of the meeting also reviewed the security arrangements made to provide secure and congenial environment to the students.

The spokesman said the security guards would use metal detectors and scanners on all four entry points of the university.

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IIUI 'Peace Walk' a message of unity against terrorists
Islamabad: To condemn terrorism and extremists, Pakistan Young Journalists Forum (PYJF) in collaboration with Pyaam Foundation and Future Leaders of Pakistan (FLP) organised 'Peace Walk' at International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) on Sunday evening.

Pyaam Foundation founder Basit Subhani, PYJF President Rahat Kazmi, and Faiz Paracha led the rally attended by over 100 young journalists, rights activists, students and civil society activists.

The rally started from the IIUI main gate to Shariah Block that was hit by a suicide bomber moments after at similar strike at female cafeteria.

The participants shouted 'Pakistan Zindabad', 'Pak Army Zindabad', 'Terrorism, Kerry Lugar Bill (KLB) unacceptable' etc.

They were also holding banners, placards inscribed with slogans for national integrity and solidarity. They waved national flags.

They stopped at blast sites, showered rose petals there and prayed for the departed souls. They also prayed for the army and police officials killed in terrorist attacks.

They said the people would not succumb to terrorists, who wanted to destabilise the country. They expressed resolve to get together against terrorists.

PYJF President Rahat Kazmi said the youths would not allow a handful of terrorists to take the nation hostage. "This rally aims to express resolve against terrorism," Kazmi said.

He said objective of the rally was to tell terrorists that the nation was against them and the world that Pakistan was a peace-loving country.

Basit Subhani said the rally also aimed to pay tribute to those who had sacrificed their lives for country and show solidarity with Pakistan armed forces and law enforcement agencies (LEAs).

Subhani, also a renowned singer, criticised the LEAs for failing to protect the people.

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Students set to resume studies with high morale
Islamabad: The students of twin cities have said they are not scared and will not sit at home, saying their spirits are high and they have joined their hands to fight against terrorism.

"No one can stop us from learning," they said as the educational institutions are going to be re-opened today (Monday) after four days of closure following suicide attack on International Islamic University, Islamabad.

Strict security measures have been adopted in all the institutions and entrance of all un-known person and vehicles have been banned.

Though parents still have concerns over the security of their children, but the morale of students, on other hand, are unbelievably high.

Muhammad Moqeet, a student of 9th class said that they cannot fight against a terrorist by sitting at home. "I don't want to sit at home, I want to learn and join army to fight against those who are killing innocent students," he added.

At least 8 students died and 36 sustained injuries in the suicide attacks at the IIU on October 20.

Another student Bahria University, Haseeb Arshad, said that every one has to die when their time comes, but at least they don't want to sit at home and show our enemies that we are scared of them "No we are not scared of any one," he added.

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Young scholars think tank on the cards
Islamabad: Comsats has embarked upon a plan to create a think-tank comprising a select group of bright and young scholars for the provision of innovative solutions, based on science and technology, for socio-economic challenges.

Under the plan, the country's youth would be given an opportunity to express their views and identify the problems faced by the country as well as to come up with concrete and economically viable solutions.

In this regard, the Commission on Science & Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (Comsats) will organise a national moot here today (Monday), aimed at providing an interactive forum to youth and experts to discuss socio-economic issues and find their viable solutions.

The participants would also constitute the core group of a think-tank for long time association with the activities of Comsats.

The three-day meeting would be participated by a select group of young scholars and eminent subject experts from all over the country, said Executive Director Comsats Dr Imtinan Elahi Qureshi.

He added that main emphasis would be laid on the ideas and recommendations made by the participating youth, the applicability of solutions in the light of the present socio-economic circumstances, and the availability of scientific and technological capacities in the country.

He said the meeting is being organised in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC) and OIC Standing Committee on Scientific & Technological Cooperation (Comstech) and would discuss key thematic areas including agriculture, environment, energy, ICTs, media, education and health.

Dr Qureshi said prominent resource persons would mediate the discussions, and recommendations prepared after the meeting would be passed on to the Planning Commission.

The executive director said the moot would be of a unique format, comprising two panels of discussants. One panel would include nationally renowned senior resource persons while the second would consist of a group of 25-30 young students and researchers of postgraduate level and subject enthusiasts.

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Postgraduate degree result distinction
Rawalpindi: Fahad Najeeb Abbasi son of Najeeb-ur Rehman Abbasi has successfully completed his Postgraduate Degree in 'Supply Chain Management' from Burnel University, United Kingdom, says a press release issued here Sunday. The news

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