HSC humanities exams results, 33 pass percentage

33pc pass HSC humanities exams
Karachi, Oct 23: Only one of the more than 13,000 humanities group candidates got A-1 grade in the higher secondary school certificate annual exams. On the other hand, 27 of the 114 special school candidates in their separate exams obtained A-1 grade.

The results of both the exams were declared by the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) on Thursday.

According to the BIEK statistics, 13,621 candidates 1,696 boys and 11,925 girls took the HSC Part-II (humanities) annual examinations-2009. Of them, only 4,497 candidates 352 boys and 4145 girls were declared successful. The pass percentage of boys remained 20.75 and that of girls 34.76, while the overall pass percentage stood at 33.02.

All top three positions in the exams were bagged by girls.

Zainab Haroon (Roll No 137728), daughter of Mohammad Haroon, a student of BAMM PECHS Govt College for Women, stood first in the exams by obtaining 883 (A-1 grade) out of a total 1100 marks.

Ifrah Zafar (138147), d/o Zafar Aitemad, got the second position with 874 marks (A grade) while Zainab Zahid (Roll No 138160), d/o Zahid Saeed, got the third position with 842 marks (A grade). Both the position-holders were students of DA Degree College for Women, Phase-VIII.

A grade-wise breakdown of the results shows that only one female candidate got A-1 grade, 52 candidates (four boys and 48 girls) secured A grade, 529 candidates (26 boys and 503 girls) obtained B grade, 1,715 candidates (123 boys and 1,592 girls) got C grade and 1,995 candidates (170 boys and 1,825 girls) got D grade. Two hundred and five candidates (29 boys and 176 girls) were placed in E grade.

Special schools

Afreen Akram (Roll No 155312), d/o Mohammad Akram, a student of the Ida Rieu School and College for Deaf, topped the HSC Part-II humanities group annual examinations-2009 conducted for the students of special schools. She obtained 1003 out of 1100 marks (91.27 per cent).

Sanam Virani (Roll No155355), d/o Sher Ali Virani, obtained the second position with 988 marks (A-1 grade) while Tauqeer Nusrat (Roll No155091), son of Mohammad Nusrat Ullah, stood third with 987 marks (A-1 grade). Both the position-holders were students of ABSA College for Deaf.

According to the statistics of the results released by the BIEK, 114 candidates 79 boys and 35 girls appeared in the exams. Only two of the girls were declared unsuccessful. The pass percentage of boys remained 100 per cent, while the overall percentage stood at 98.25.

A grade-wise breakdown of the results shows that 27 candidates (11 boys and 16 girls) got A-1 grade, 37 candidates (33 boys and four girls) secured A grade, 29 candidates (24 boys and five girls) obtained B grade, 16 candidates (nine boys and seven girls) got C grade, two candidates (one boy and one girl) secured D grade, and only one boy got E grade.

DPE exams

The board of intermediate education also announced the results of the Diploma in Physical Education annual examinations-2009.

Out of 20 candidates who appeared in the exam, 13 passed it. No student was placed in A-1 and A grades, while two were placed in B grade, six in C grade and five in D grade. Dawn

Over 95pc special candidates pass Humanities exam
Karachi: Over 95 per cent of the registered special candidates passed their Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC-II) Humanities (Regular) Group Special Candidates Annual Examinations 2009, announced the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) on Thursday.

As per the data provided by the BIEK, 80 male candidates registered in the examinations, of whom 79 appeared and all passed. Thirty seven female candidates had also registered, of whom 35 appeared and 33 passed.

Arfeen Akram, a student of Ida Rieu School and College for Deaf, bagged first position among the special candidates. She scored 1003 marks out of a possible 1100 marks. Sanam Virani from ABSA College for the Deaf came in second with 988 marks. Tauqeer Nusrat, also from the same institute, came third with 987 marks.

BIEK statistics revealed that 11 male candidates and 16 female candidates bagged A-One grades in their exams, while 33 male and four female candidates secured A grades. Twenty four male and five female candidates secured B grades, nine male and seven female students passed with C grades. One student passed with a D grade, and another male student received an E. The students were registered at IDA Rieu College for the Deaf and DEWA Higher Secondary School, Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

80pc male candidates fail in regular category
Karachi: About eighty per cent of the male candidates who took their HSSC Part-II Humanities (regular) group exams failed to clear their papers, according to statistics released on Thursday by the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK).

As per the figures released by BIEK, 1,752 male candidates were registered, of whom 1,696 appeared in the exams, while only 352 managed to pass. The overall pass percentage was 20.75 per cent. Some 12,165 female students had registered for the exams, out of which 11,925 appeared and 4,145 cleared the exams, putting the pass percentage at 34.76.

Zainab Haroon of BAMM PECHS Government College for Women clinched first position among the Humanities (regular) group with 883 out of 1100 marks.

The second position went to Ifrah Zafar, a student of DHA Degree College for Women, while the third position was bagged by Zainab Zahid, also from the same college.

Only a single candidate bagged A-One grade in the Humanities (regular) group, while two cases of unfair means were reported. Thirteen results were withheld for want of correct information and necessary documents, and their results would be announced later, BIEK officials said.

Only a single female candidate was awarded an A-One grade, while four male students and 48 female candidates received A-grades in the exams. As many as 26 male and 503 female candidates passed the exams with B grades, while 123 male and 1,592 female candidates received C grades. Further, 170 male and 1,825 female candidates got D grades, while 29 male and 176 female candidates received E grades in the exams.

According to the statistics released by the BIEK, the result of 37 colleges was 50 per cent and above. Another 35 colleges yielded less than 50 per cent but above 30 per cent results. There were 36 colleges where the result remained less than 30 per cent and above, while 55 colleges produced less than 20 per cent result. The news

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