Karachi university impersonation cases during degree exams

Impersonation cases mared KU degree exams
Karachi, Oct 17: Around 13 fresh cases of impersonation during the annual degree examinations have exposed the tall claims of the new controller examinations of Karachi University (KU).

Several cases of impersonation have been reported officially or unofficially, while the KU examination department has failed to end the corruption before and during the examinations.

Nearly 16 to 17 cases of impersonation, in the said examination being conducted at KU campus, have been reported during the last three or four days, an official of the KU said on Friday. He said the KU administration had given free hand to different political students' wings therefore the level of corruption had been increased in the degree examinations.

Out of 13 nabbed students, 8 students had been caught in the examination centre of Petroleum Technology Department, while 5 candidates were nabbed in the Computer Science Department, he said.

Around 11 to 10 nabbed teachers have paid fine worth Rs5,000 to the KU administration as per the KU rules, he said. On the other hand, tall claims of KU Controller Examination Prof Dr Nasir Khan to halt the practice of corruption in his department have been exposed.

It is pertinent to mention here that few months back Prof Khan, in a press conference, had announced that the KU examination department was going to introduce Nadra-generated system at the department to halt the corruption and to strengthen the value of the degree.

The source said that the frequent cases of corruption were clearly showing the involvement of the KU officials in the said case.

"The vigilance team, constituted by KU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, has become apathetic towards this issue. The members of the vigilance team were not performing their jobs properly.

KU examination department has tried to activate only the teachers of a specific group in the examination.

Services of specific teachers' lobby, Sindh Teachers Forum (STF), have been taken in the examinations," he said.

Some of the candidates, appearing in the degree examinations, have found solving their examination copies in the KU central cafeteria, which is a shameful incident for the whole teachers' community of the KU and the administration, the source said.

It is pertinent to mention here that the examination department is considered as the centre of corruption having opportunities of making massive money. KU examination department has completely failed to curb the practices of corruption related to examinations. The nation

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KU professor prepared herbal cure to arthritis
Karachi: A herbal drug to cure arthritis has been prepared by a professor of the University of Karachi (KU), it has been learnt.

The drug, which has been named 'Arthratone', was prepared by Mansoor Ahmed, Professor Emeritus in the KU Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy after a five year research and testing process.

Ahmed said that he began his research in 1995, and the drug was isolated in 2000 after extensive tests for toxicity and side effects and thorough investigations for contraindications and any harmful effects on the human body.

"I am delighted by the discovery of the new drug because its cure rate has come to 90 per cent after treating 10,000 patients. The remaining 10 per cent that were not healed of arthritis had deformities at their joints for more than 10 years. In such cases, the patients can only be cured if arthritis is discovered in its initial stages," Ahmed explained.

He added that research on herbs was conducted on the pattern of allopathic drugs, and all parameters were used to bring it at par with international standards. "Arthratone is administered twice daily, and has to be taken after meals. One capsule of the medicine costs only two rupees, and I am very happy about the fact that the poor will also be able to buy this medicine", he said. He further said that the complete treatment period for the ailment is three months.

The professor has also prepared a herbal balm for the treatment of muscular spasms, joints' pain, muscular pain, nasal congestion and even headaches. He said that the herbal balm is the result of many years of research. "The relief is within 10 minutes and the balm could be applied topically or through inhalation," he concluded. The news

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Education Minister issued warning to truant teachers
Karachi: Sindh Education Minister Pir Mazharul Haq said on Friday that lists of truant teachers had been prepared and notices issued, if they did not attend to their duties they would be fired.

Talking to journalists after inaugurating Pir Shahnawaz Pathology Laboratory at the TB Hospital here, the minister said that the object of opening all closed schools was on top of Sindh government's priority list.

He said that he had talked to owners and editors of newspapers and informed them that the teachers who were working for their newspapers were not attending to their duties.

About PPP-MQM relations with regard to commissioner-ate system, he said that there were no differences between the coalition partners because the government was following a policy of consensus.

The MQM as well as opposition parties would be taken into confidence on the issue because the PPP, despite commanding majority in the Sindh Assembly, respected opinions of all parties, he said.

He said that he was thankful to God that Sindh was safe from the recent wave of terrorism. Dawn

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Teachers forced to contribute money
Karachi: The teaching staff of a local schooling system had alleged that they were being forced to contribute Rs500 to Rs1, 000 each to celebrate the lifetime achievement award given to the owner of the school's chain.

The shield of honour was given by the Directorate of Private Institutions, Sindh (DPIS) to the owner in the recent past for its contribution to the education system.

However, the teachers of various branches of Happy Palace Grammar School alleged that they had received a notification through the respective principals to contribute in the programme, which was arranged in honour of the owner of the school chain.

The teachers, on the condition of anonymity, said that they were warned by the management that their salaries would be deducted from the account if they did not pay the amount.

Meanwhile, Khan said that these were false allegations against him. "I have been running a school system for the last 27 years and received an award on merit. If the school's branches are willing to arrange any party in this regard, then there is no problem in doing so," he said.

According to Director, DIPS, Mansoob Siddiqui, serious action would be taken against the management of the schooling system if the complaints are genuine. "Teacher(s) must come and lodge complaints to the DPIS committee. If the teacher(s) want to remain nameless then the option is available for them. A show cause notice would be served and action would be taken only when there is a valid complaint against the school's management," he added.

Senior Vice-President of Private Schools Management Associations (PSMA), Sharaf Uz Zaman, demanded of the Minister of Education and DPIS to withdraw the award with immediate effect.

"If the school's management fires any teacher for protesting against its attitude towards teachers, PSMA would help the teacher in getting compensation from the school," Zaman said. The news

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