Karachi class 9 (Science Group) result 2009

Karachi Class IX (Science Group) examination result 2009
Karachi, Oct 9: The Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) will declare the result of SSC Part-I (Class IX) Science Group Annual Examination, 2009 on Friday (today), Controller of Examinations, BSEK, Kalim Asghar Kirmani, said on Thursday.

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450 appointments in Education Deperment despite ban
Karachi: Despite the ban on jobs in the government sector, the Sindh education department last month allegedly issued around 450 offer orders in Grade 1 to 15. These posts were never advertised and no formalities were conducted while issuing these offer orders, it has been learnt.

Sources informed that the only criteria of issuing these offer orders were the political affiliations of the candidates. "The numbers of seats are still not confirmed and no deceased or son quota has been offered so far," they said.

Interestingly, the authorities had given offer orders for the post of grade-7 laboratory assistant to candidates with middle-class qualifications, sources said, despite the position requiring a candidate from the intermediate science group. After sometime, however, the authorities realised their mistake and reshuffled the candidates to their corresponding educational qualification.

Sources revealed that the same mistakes had occurred while issuing offer orders to candidates in several other posts, and non-qualified personnel were appointed to technical positions. On the other hand, candidates who had diplomas in their respective fields were given offer orders for ordinary jobs.

The authorities concerned had earlier denied the news of issuance of offer orders and termed them 'rumours' to hide facts from public. However, Senior Education Minister Pir Mazharul Haq confirmed the media reports during one of his meetings with local journalists. Replying to a question in this regard, he said that the ban on jobs had been lifted "verbally" and they were awaiting a written order from the Sindh chief minister.

"We have put things into the pipeline. As soon as the Sindh government removes the ban, hiring will start without any delay," he said. However, he did not comment on the merits of the offer orders issued.

Sources informed that the names of the candidates were approved at the CM House with the approval of coalition parties. "The job formula was shared during the core committee meeting, but it was kept secret," they also said.

Sources said that letters were issued which had the signatures of City District Government Karachi (CDGK) Education Executive District Officer (EDO) Ibrahim Kumbhar, but the names and fathers' names of the candidates were not typed. Some sources also disclosed that the letter was in a hand-written format, but neither were the national identity card numbers of the candidates mentioned on the letter nor did the letter have a date of issuance. EDO excused himself and did not comment on the matter.

It has been learnt that most of the senior officials at the department were not taken in to confidence during the entire hiring process. There were posts for Naib Qasid, lab attendant, lab assistant, sweeper, Chowkidar, junior clerk, assistant clerk and computer operator, but no written tests for the positions of assistant clerk and computer operator were conducted.

The authorities concerned had directed successful candidates to appear in medical tests at the Sindh Services Hospital. Further, the candidates were also asked to obtain a 'character certificate' from the superintendent police (SP) of the Special Brach to fulfil requirements.

Meanwhile, All Pakistan Clerk Association (APCA) Karachi Division President Syed Touqeer Hussain Shah said that APCA had decided to launch protests all over Sindh, the date for which would be announced soon.

"APCA might also go to court to seek justice against these illegal hiring," he added. "We have plans to stage a demonstration and a sit-in is also on the cards," Shah said.

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Shoe-throwing incident marred lecture at KU
Karachi: A lecture by Clifford D May, a US journalist visiting Karachi was marred by a shoe-throwing incident - the first of its kind in Pakistan - during a lecture at the University of Karachi (KU) on Thursday.

Journalist May who is a Republican and was said to be an active member of the party during George W. Bush's administration, was speaking at the Department of International Relations (IR) on the topic 'Pakistan's Role in Countering the Challenge of Terrorism' when a student of the department threw a shoe on the journalist. The shoe missed the target but May was unable to continue and the security staff whisked him away. The student also melted away in the crowd.

Later, while speaking at the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA) in the evening, May agreed that the United States occasionally acts undemocratically when the 'American National Interest' comes in the way. It was the reason when Bush administration did nothing to help a Libyan dissident out of the dungeon because Gaddafi had more to offer than the romantic notion of liberty.

He alleged that Al-Qaeda and Taliban were occupying some Pakistani territories and US was determined to act against them on the Pakistani soil. He was of the opinion that it was quite unlikely that US will get out of Afghanistan in the near future. He also agreed with a statement from one of the participants that the US was very chummy with Saudi Arabia despite the fact that the country was ruled by the Kings and their bleak record of human rights.

A lady in the audience drew May's attention to the fact that poppy cultivation and harvest had increased manifold during the US presence in Afghanistan. "The money is flowing from this trade. Who is behind it?" the lady asked. May, however, declined to answer.

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Seminar on World Sight Day at AKUH
Karachi: Worldwide more than 161 million people are visually impaired WHO estimates that 37 million are blind while another 153 million suffer from near-and-far-sightedness with more than 90 per cent of these people living in low-and-middle-income countries.

Three-quarters of all blindness in adults and about half of all blindness in children is avoidable through preventive action or treatment. Speakers an awareness raising seminar on World Sight Day at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, discussed key eyesight-related topics, including blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation.

Cataract clouding of a normally clear lens in the eye causing blurry vision remains the leading cause of blindness in adults except in the most developed countries. Dr Shaukat Chhipa, Lecturer, Department of Medicine, Aga Khan University (AKU), said that most cataracts develop slowly and eventually interfere with vision, reaching a stage where surgery is the only option. Fortunately, these days, cataract surgery is one of the safest, most common and cost-effective surgical procedures.

Speaking about other causes of blindness, Dr Mahnaz Naveed Shah, Consultant Ophthalmologist, AKUH, pointed out that glaucoma, a disease that affects the eye's optic nerve, is the second leading cause of blindness causing irreversible damage to the eye. Once detected, glaucoma can be controlled by appropriate use of medications, laser treatment and several types of surgical procedures.

Dr Azam Ali, Associate Professor and Head of Ophthalmology Section, AKU, spoke about macular degeneration, which is the most common cause of vision loss among people over 60. The disease affects central vision and can sometimes make it difficult to read, drive or perform other activities requiring fine, detailed vision.

Dr Ali said that modern treatment options and surgical techniques are available in Pakistan but warned patients, especially those with diabetes, to be highly attentive to warning signs.

Dr Rashid Baig, Senior Instructor, Department of Surgery, AKU, Dr Sharmeen Akram, Lecturer, Department of Surgery, AKU also spoke. The news

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